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    I mean sure we're in store for some good matches but i feel we're getting robbed of the great story telling we get in a 1 on 1 match against bitter rivals and arch enemies.
    I can agree with this because I loved AJ Styles vs. Petey Williams along with Styles vs. Daniels. I am not going to say that the Triple Threat stipulation is the worst thing to happen to the X-Division (Bischoff/Abyss/Kendrick was the worst thing), but I am going to say I am cautious as to just how the matches being only 3ways will work out... A rule like this makes me wonder if Sorensen will be coming back as if he is getting closer to a full recovery, it wouldn't make sense to take away the ability to have him and Ion go at it for the X Title.

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    TNA under Hogans regime has become a bastardized shell of its former self that was all about innovation amd being unique.

    I saw what you did with the escape clauses in your paragraph, but this comment is taking it a little overboard if you ask me. All the changes that people have been praising over the past year and a half have come while under the Hogan Regime; the focus of the Divisions (X, Divas, Tag) is perhaps the worst thing to happen to TNA under Hogan... Either way, you are assuming that Hogan has control over these things, which in and of itself is a silly way of thinking. Hogan isn't the writer, producer, talent scout, talent agent... Hell, he isn't even the booker so I don't think the blame of TNA's poor decisions is solely Hogan’s as much as it is TNA trying the "wrong" new things to do as a company.

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    I'd rather masturbate to your picture of Carnage.

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    DRG hates everyone

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    It's not good in the sense for building X Division feuds but they have frustratingly been ignoring that side of the X Division for a long time.

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    James Storm....

    Is eligible for the X-Division Title. o.o
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    They said the loser of the match, whether by submission or pinfall is eliminated from the title hunt.
    What happens to the former champ win he loses the belt?, he doesn't get a return match until when?

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    This is a bad move in my opinion. I don't like when promotions book themselves into a corner like this. Setting weight limits, and changing the entire division to one style of match is very short sighted. 3 way matches can be fun and there have certainly been some great ones, but the majority of them are clunky with 1 guy resting outside the ring for his turn. These matches make the use of psychology a lot more difficult. This is bad all the way around. The X Division in its original form was very different and set itself apart from the other titles, there is no need to add these stipulations.


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