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    Quote Originally Posted by Jack Newport View Post
    ...which guys on the current roster do you think would thrive and become bigger than they are now, which would remain the same, and which one do you think would fail and no longer have a place in the company? This dosen't include part-timers or veterans. I'm mainly talking about people that have come in from 2005 onwards.

    Guys who would thrive / become better:

    CM Punk - the living embodiment of another would-be Attitude Era.
    Randy Orton - Let's face it, if WWE weren't PG, his gimmick would far more psychotic.
    Sheamus - already portrayed as angry Irishman that loves to fight. A more mature rating would enhance that.
    Dolph Ziggler - same as he is now, but his gimmick would be far more adult-oriented than it already is.
    Antonio Cesaro - we all know he's a powerhouse, but he wouldn't be paired with a one-dimensional cheesy gimmick.
    Wade Barrett - just flat-out comes across as a bad guy. A TV-14 rating would enhance that.
    Daniel Bryan - as of right now, he's competition for Santino Marella. I think could be so much more.
    The entire Divas division would improve ...for obvious reasons.

    Guys who would remain the same:

    The Miz - love him or hate him, he's not going to leave or change.
    Ryback - he's big, he's mean, and he only knows 5 words. Sums up his career.
    Cody Rhodes - Has adapted to several career phases already. I expect him to keep that course.
    Alberto Del Rio - minus Ricardo Rodriguez, but that's about it.
    Jack Swagger - because he's Jack Swagger, and he'll put you to sleep no matter what.
    All the jobbers / lower-carders would remain the same ...because we never see them on TV anyways.

    Guys who would fail / no longer have a place in the company:

    John Cena - he's the living embodiment of the PG image. He may stick around, but his stardom will fall hard.
    Hornswoggle - do I even have to give a reason?
    Brodus Clay - there's no place for a funky dancing dinosaur in an adult-oriented show. His gimmick has type-cast him.
    The Great Khali - for further explination, see Hornswoggle.
    Santino Marella - a product of the times. When the times change, he'll leave with it.
    Damien Sandow - his gimmick is far too cartoonish to make it in a TV-14 enviorment.
    Should be TVMA when the Divas come out.

    I get that Big E Langston dropped the NXT CHAMPIONSHIP Bo Dallas out of all people? WTF!


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