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    Quote Originally Posted by Tommy Thunder View Post
    Of course they haven't given anyone else a buildup for that match, because they've decided to go with Ziggler and Big E facing the champs.
    What I'm questioning is why didn't they decide to go with an existing tag team that are established on the main roster (like the PTP or Rhodes Scholars), instead of creating a new team. IMO, it's just an excuse to get Ziggler on the card. Not a bad idea, but I'm peeved that the tag titles are once again involved in a nothing match.
    I Totally get what your saying, but apart from the WWE and maybe the world championship - is there anyone who can say they are "excited" for any title match at WM?

    Cesaro doesnt have a match (probs pre show)

    Barret V Miz - Movie promotion match dont really care who wins

    Diva's - Is there anyone other that Kaitlyn (or Aj) that can realisticly hold the belt ?

    Maybe the Undertaker should make a "streak belt" and wear it, thus CM punk would have a physical item to play with if he won.


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