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    Rey Mysterio and What I think Should Happen

    So lately, Mysterio has been in talks with WWE regarding him either being released or him retiring. Some within the company say he should be released while others want him to stay, apparently. However, this is how I would want it to plan out. As we know, since 2009-2010, Mysterio has been on a downhill slope. With his knee getting worse, we wouldn't want anything to happen to Mysterio that would impact his life in the future. Mysterio has done so much, won many titles, many accomplishments, a sure-fire hall of famer and he could always make returns. I do think that he has one last match that he could pull off. Mysterio could come back some time and announce that he is planning to retire soon. He talks about his injuries and how he has accomplished a significant amount. But he doesn't want to end it like this, he wants one last match.

    He calls this match a test and to examine how far a superstar has come. He wants to pass the torch and he mentions that he wants his last match to be with sin cara. He says he is proud of him, but he doesn't believe Sin Cara is ready. To make sure, he sets a date that his last match will be at Wrestlemania XXX, Sin Cara vs Rey Mysterio. He says it is Sin Cara's chance to elevate his career or downspiral to nothingness. This match will give Mysterio time to rest up til Wrestlemania, it gives us the match we want and Mysterio goes out on the biggest stage of them all promoting a fellow masked man.

    And that is what I think should happen? Thoughts? Is this dumb or would be excited to see this? Comment below and stay funky fresh.


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