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    Punk/Taker story

    Been thinkin bout Punk/Taker storyline, so far they used Paul Bearers death (RIP) as the main part of the storyline, if he hadn't passed away what does everyone think wouldve been the main part of the storyline???


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    They would have probably taken the Punk likening himself to God route, with UT taking issue with that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robstar View Post
    They would have probably taken the Punk likening himself to God route, with UT taking issue with that.
    Was thinking that as well.

    It is more meaningful now though. Sadly it meant the loss of William. Was so weird watching him lively as ever on his last ever TV appearance for CWFH.

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    I think the angle would have just been Punk saying he's gonna take revenge on the WWE universe and WWE management for unjustly taking his title away, so he's going to ruin one of the most storied legendary streaks just to stick it to the company.

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    I was thinking this today while watching Raw.

    I though it would have been CM Punk having the longest title reign of the modern era against another reign in the 'streak' and saying that he wants to be associated with both reigns.

    The sad thing about this storyline is that the fact that they've used the death of Paul Bearer as the main story, to be honest, I'm much more invested in the story line now that Punk is being the sedistic guy doing loads of disgusting stuff like mocking the recent dead.

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    It would have been what they started it out as, Punk doing it to get one over on the fans.

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    The funny/sad part about it is that this feud would most likely be not as good if he never died. Also i love this CM Punk mostly because i'm a sick fuck, and a laugh when Punk mocks legends and the death of Paul.

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    I agree with Stevie here and that's a logical choice on how to portray the buildup to this match. But I'm guessing since the death of Paul Bearer they decided this was a better buildup which it is because it's making Punk look like the Heel of all Heels in this feud. Even though it's using the real life tragic death of someone it's a very good buildup.

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    I actually feel bad for this but when Punk dropped the urn and said 'Oh shit' I kinda chuckled. yeah I'm going to hell.....
    anywhoo I feel this is shaping up to be the feud of the show, certainly the Best on the card at this point.

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    And what if Paul Bearer would rise from hell during the match at Wrestlemania... Now, that would be crossing the line; or no, wait.. That would be EPIC :-)


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