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    Shell shocked Henry

    Can it be done ? When Ryback faces Mark Henry at Mania it is possible Ryback can shell shock Henry ? I don't think Ryback is strong enough and it would take a huge effect on the part of Mark to help him.

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    That corn fed meathead better hit the gym and dead lift from now until WM if he tries to do that. You haven't seen failure until it happens at the biggest stage in wrestling.

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    If he fails at this he will lose all of his momentum.
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    If he fails, WWE will just gloss over it like it never happened

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    Didn't he botch his finisher on Prince Albert once of twice?

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    Quote Originally Posted by YOUcanCALLmeCRACK View Post
    Didn't he botch his finisher on Prince Albert once of twice?
    People think he was sandbagged. He did it the friday before easily, and then again later a few weeks after the botch, though he changed HOW he did it. Fireman's carry lift instead of his usual way.
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