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    Mania Rhodes Closed

    Rhode Scholars were split up after The Rumble. Golddust appeared. Cody eliminated Goldie. All logic pointed to us finally getting Brother vs Brother at Wrestlemania. The storyline is already tailor made for them. One brother is dashing, the pride of ole Dusty. The other is derranged, the black sheep of an otherwise rich wrestling family history.

    Am I the only one really dissapointed that yet another year is going by without us getting the battle of the Rhodes Brothers? It seems like a major, major missed opportunity. Also, as Cody showed last night - the guy can put on a great match. It would be great for him to have a high profile match up that people were invested in. While Rhode Scholars have been fluctuating as a team these past few weeks, Cody and Sandow appeared seperately on Raw last night. They even hinted that Kaitlyn was up to something. I reeeally thought Goldie's music was going to hit during the Del Rio match.

    I'm picturing the pre-match build up promo vid at Mania. Family videos, footage of their dad, footage of Goldust from the 90s, Cody in the 2000s, the Rumble encounter, and beyond. It's just frustrating I guess. Am I the only one who feels this way?

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