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    The Future Of Y2J

    So do you think Chris Jericho is about to retire (once again)? It's obvious Chris wants to explore other areas of entertainment; he's got the skills to be a viable actor, better than The Rock (Yes, even the great one!) I can't imagine he is as serious about Fozzy as he once might have been. They would have broke before now, if it was ever gonna happen.

    Here's what I think - Jericho has one last good run in him. If he stays in shape, takes a couple of years off and comes back again down the track - look how successful his first comeback was. If WWE has the brains to keep him on some sort of optional contract they would stand to make a lot of money from Y2J.

    I'd hate to lose Jericho but if they send him out on some farcical angle like his "Raw ban", I'll be truly pissed.

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    Farcical eh nice use of jericho vocabulary

    Once i heard y2j wasn't so eager in renewing his contract the only other options he had career wise was acting or his band or god forbid TNA.
    Probable reasons why he didn.'nt renew is either the company's direction (which has cause some wrestlers to quit i.e. batista) or that he's just plain burnt out. I agree that having jericho take a year off or so would refresh his character and himself physically. Fans could be totally excited on his return and he can probably bring back y2j

    the only issues that would disrupt this idea is if Jericho were to find success with acting or fozzy that he would want to come back , or age..however that might not be a huge issue as jericho hasnt had a serious injury to burden him

    optional contracts didn't work in the case of hulk hogan even though he wasnt wrestling, on his tv show( the reality mtv like one) he signed a contract that allowed to use the hulk hogan brand for life, as for now he's working with tna. Its a case where he found something else to further his career so he breached that contract so that can happen as well with jericho
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    I hope he stays, WWE isnt the same without jericho.

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    Jericho is an anomaly among the other WWE superstars...the WWE isn't is whole life; he could do well without it. The question is whether the WWE will keep him. They've have not closed the door on his character and I've heard they're still in talks over his contract. Still, he is a versatile player and doesn't seem title hungry; he loves the sport. Personally, I think he could use a few more years off...he's not really filling in for anyone and he hasn't been in any strong storylines this year...

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    I would say give him one more title run and after that its his choice.

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    If Jericho isn't on Raw I'm not watching. Simple as that. Got a bunch of green rookies running around, main eventers who have always been around, the miz, and sheamus. Not worth watching without Jericho.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NightofChampions071810 View Post
    If Jericho isn't on Raw I'm not watching.
    I feel very simular about this.

    Since Jericho was moved to RAW he's been mis-used and held back. Him and Edge were the main reasons why I watched Smackdown! and since they moved I dont really care what happens on the Blue Brand (As long as CM Punk is being mis-used too)

    I love watching Jericho, he is the best in the biz today and has done it all, as much as I think RAW would suffer without him and as much as I'd hate to see him leave, I think he needs some time off, refresh himself, get back in shape and pursue other goals. He deserves it.

    I'd be much happier not seeing him on RAW, Knowing that he's getting well rested for another big return down the line somwhere than watching him job to people in RAW's opening match and used terribly in storylines.

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    well for jericho to go out and come back again would be pointless and im sure in 3 yrs someone in there early 40's will not be relevant if they start pushing new stars it could just be that they need more ppl on smackdown and there moving him over to smackdown he wants a lighter schedule and i feel on smackdown he would get that
    other than that it could just be storyline and mayb if he is leaving save the match for the ppv after and have him feud singally with someone over the title
    regardless no one knows
    they need jericho,he works well with others and he is all about getting the younger talent over
    the match he had with john morrison last night was the best match of the whole night i felt and it was a really good showing

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    I follow Jericho's career wherever he decides to go. Whether it be WWE, acting, or Fozzy. He has the skills and talent for all three.

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    Hmm.. Jericho wanted a reduced work schedule but they didn't want to give it to him and risk spoiling the rest of locker room.

    Jericho vs Morrison wasn't the best match on RAW, I think Gabriel vs Cena was.

    Jericho should go to TNA, get the respect he deserves, wrestle AJ Styles, and go through a slight career there before perhaps coming back to the WWE and retiring. Or if by that time TNA is the top brand, just stay and retire there like Kurt Angle


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