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    Does anyone know this is Johnny Curtis? I've seen his Indy stuff, he's not bad.

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    Kind of hard to be a fan of a character who hasn't wrestled a match using that character on tv, that I've seen.

    His intro last night on RAW was pretty epic.

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    My guess is that he'll incorporate some of that early Hunter Hearst Helmsley grace into his matches. But, I'd probably be cool with him simply bailing every time someone cant say "Faaaaaaaahhhnnn Daaaaaahhhnnnn Gooooooo" to his liking.

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    Maybe, just maybe, he can steal Ricardo from ADR to be his personal ring announcer to pronounce his ring name correctly.

    Anyways, someone NEEDS to make a sign saying DANGO hates the TANG-o
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    Wasn't a fan of Johnny Curtis and not a fan of Fandango. Yeah his entrance is unique and has a beautiful dancer with him but there's just something about him I do NOT like.


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