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    Quote Originally Posted by B-MCINTYRE View Post
    Faaaaannnndannnnnnnngo! I love that guy... His gimmick is awesome and has more depth then his sleaze one. Which in itself is still a good gimmick.
    No no's Faaaan......daaaaaan..........go.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robbb1976 View Post
    No no's Faaaan......daaaaaan..........go.....
    No match for you.

    To hell with insincerity. Fuck you!

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    Havent they just done this though with Sandow? far too similar for my liking

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    Its hard to say I'm a fan of Fandango (a fanfango?), he's a ballroom dancer with an obsession for pronunciation who hasn't wrestled a minute yet on WWE TV. That said, the man - Johnny Curtis has impressed me with how he's tackled this gimmick. It's brutal, yet he's making Fandango entertaining because he's got charisma and a good look.

    Of all the tough gimmicks to be handed (Ziggler as Nicky, Brodus Clay as a Funkasauraus, or even Kane as a Dentist), Fandango might be the single toughest one to ever break free from. It would be a shame if Curtis never got the chance to shine as himself because he's linked to this ridiculous persona. Time will tell.

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    Epic fail.

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    Surprisingly, I really enjoy it. I couldnt care less if he hasnt wrestled yet. Love the name gimmick on the stage.

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    Have him feud with jehrico after the whole "dancing with the stars" thing

    maybe have a ballroom danceoff at WM30 - would need a whole year to build a match as big as this

    more likley he will be jobbing to Sheamus within 3 months

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    I like him, I just don't like how Booker T said "next time I book that boy in a match he's going to compete" 2 weeks ago, then dropped it on Friday. But other than that, his name is fun to say, I think it'll stick

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    I'll be saying it tonight. FANNNNNN....
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    I like the gimmick a lot. He's making himself a obnoxious ballroom dancer, who won't wrestle if people can't say his name right. And it's working. I've heard people say he's getting X-Pac but still can't tell me how they differentiate between good heat and X-Pac heat, so I suppose the gimmick is working. They've also said he's gay and making gay men feel bad about themselves, and making fun of people with speech problems/

    Having people say his name, and constantly getting it wrong(In his eyes/ears), only for him to give them lessons, is a good way to make someone come off as a dick. Plus, he gets to dance with relatively hot women, which goes hand in hand with Dirty Curty.
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