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    I'd go with that scenario. I would love it if Orton was part of the Shield, he needs something to make him relevant again.
    I like it Randy Orton is at his best as a heel, plus I feel The Shield needs some kind of leader, and what better person to do that then Randy Orton.

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    Randy should turn after Wrestlemania, him joining the Shield could cause problems with his relevancy after the Shield splits up, them staying as an equal, cohesive unit will be better for their own sakes. And yes, I think they should win at Wrestlemania

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    I think the curret match up of, Seamus Orton & Ryback vs The Shield will stay in place, and in the 'pre-show' wwe app exclusive Henry will attack Ryback putting him out of the match. Building more tension between the 2 with out them actually getting a match. That match will be at the next pay per view.
    So going into the match Seamus & Orton will be 2 on 3, vs Shield, they may backstage try and get Big Show to help, but in true heel fashion he tells them 'you didnt want me befor, you dont get me now!'
    A surprise 3rd superstar, maybe a return, Christian I would like, comes out after some match time to give a hand. In a few months time this guy ends up being with The Shield, not the leader, just with them in a shock heel turn. The reason I site is they have been pumping the numbers game on commentary.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SouthernBlood View Post
    Nowhere, nowhere,nowhere, NOWHERE near that time yet! Two ppv victory's certainly doesn't constitute the villains fair share of wins.So my answer is yes, without question.
    Yes, it is time.

    The Sheild has been dominating and getting the upper-hand on every victim multiple times a week since Survivor Series. Thier booking for the past 5 months has been what the original Nexus SHOULD'VE had. And as a result, they can lose a major match without hurting their credibility.

    I stand by my opinion. The Sheild should lose at WrestleMania.

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    Yes. The Shield only works as a dominating force, people like Orton for some undefinable reason but what gain is there in having him, Ryback and Sheamus defeat the Shield?

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    It seems too soon to have them lose, if anything they need to start expanding the story out. Worst thing they can do is bury them to the super faces. Maybe even a twist.

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    I think they should to continue building them. But they probably won't.

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    If The Shield loses I am never watching WWE ever again!

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    Honestly to me they built them too quick,there is nowhere else for them to go now, they have already beaten all the top guys, it's time to either change the dynamic by adding another member, who they help win some gold, or just split them up.

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    The last thing the Shield needs is a "leader". They are great as a trio and great as is. Adding a "Leader" would only lead them down the same path as the 2nd incarnation of Nexus with CM Punk as leader...


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