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    Hitler could use words effectively.. Probably wasn't the best choice for this thread then was he....

    Anyway I mentioned to Robstar yesterday I was watching an old pap per view, Michael cole was fucking up in his early years ...calling billy gunn val Venis for a solid two minutes.... At least he's consistent...

    To hell with insincerity. Fuck you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by magglis View Post
    Martin Luther King and Hitler were the best public speakers.
    Bill Clinton is pretty charismatic too

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robstar View Post
    Bill Clinton is pretty charismatic too
    I need someone to approve my post

    What Arsenal fans think about RVP moving to UTD:
    Quote Originally Posted by akbar View Post
    There is a difference between playing shit and being shit. You said I think RVP is shit, where I'm saying he'll play shit... His ability will still be there but it just won't have a bug effect on UTD.
    Oh akbar....

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    Rob Bartlett & Mike Adamle are the worst ever.


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