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    WWE's worst commentator ever.

    Who's your worst pick for commentator in wwe ever?
    from the old days of jesse ventura and bobby heenan to today's jerry king lawler and michael cole, who's your worst or less favorite commentator of all time?
    to me personally its either Booker T Tazz or Jerry Lawler
    As for Booker T i always found it to be painfull to hear his commentary, the only thing i ever enjoyed about booker in commentary was when he flat out mentioned cena had limited skills XD
    but that right there proves booker is not a professional commentator, he's just average at what he did
    Tazz on the other hand may know a little bit more, he's been behind the tables for longer but even still today on tna i hear tazz on commentary and i just wish tna would just remove his fatass out of that chair and put him in charge of creative or developmental talent or something..i mean it..sooo many times the things tazz says cant be understood clearly..probably 50% of his commentary is not understandable because his jokes suck, his style sucks and the guy should really lace up his boots and go home.
    And as for our beloved jerry lawler...i just find him corny...i...i mean it its just..lately with this whole pg program i feel like..jerry lawler has been more constricted as to what he should say..he jokes less he kisses ass more and idk i just feel a bit letdown by him..
    i can honestly say i even like michael cole as a babyface commentator more than jerry the king lawler..and i know this sounds crazy...

    on a sidenote i know i will get alot of hate for this...but i also dont like william regal on commentary that much..
    yes he's intelectual yes he is versatile..yes he knows what he's saying..but his crippling problem is his voice...can u please sir..speak oh idk...LOUDER?
    i can barely hear him speak sometimes on nxt..

    so yep what's ur less favorite commentator of all time in wwe?

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    Booker T is my least favorite. However I didn't much care for Coach, most of what he said didn't have tone or enthusiasm. And Jerry Lawler is somewhat irritating at times.

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    Lawler for sure. He is a lot more tolerable now than he used to be. But his teenage hormonal scream of "Puppies ! ! !" every time a lady showed up on the screen was ridiculous. There were, of coarse, other things that annoyed me about him, but his lack of respect towards the divas was always my biggest pet peeve with him.

    Heel Cole was pretty bad as well when he would try to be an over-the-top bad guy. Thank goodness he done and over with that.

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    Didnt care for when Raven did commentary.... on Heat i think? Also Mike Ademle is by far the worst ever. Jeff Harvey!!!

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    Brad Maddox. I hope he's wack on purpose.

    [thinks about midcard]

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    Simple answer: Rob Bartlett

    A STAR WAS BORN!!!! #ThankYouBrock

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    Mike Adamle is/was the worst hands down!!

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    Striker was AWFUL!!

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    I hated Tony Schiavone and Sean Moody

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    Above everyone else, Michael Cole just makes me wanna stab my ears with rusted, aids-ridden, knitters. I hate his illogical commentary. So damn stupid and lost on how to be anything. I will gladly welcome back Coach and Mike Admele, and have Mike Tenay join them.


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