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    not a fan but cool to see raymond rowe on roh tv

    aj doesnt return in 3 weeks. :/

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    lol couldnt make out what steen said but it was something like, hero got his ass kicked by steen, ohno

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    So, I've started watching the streaming broadcast of ROH. I guess I just need yet more Wrestling in my life. Overall their matches seem pretty entertaining. They could stand to improve their sound quality though. So times you can hardly hear the guys on the mics.

    Anyway... I've a bit curious about ROH's format. As best I can tell, one of ROH's main deals is they release their wrestling on direct order DVD. If you order the major events, you can add a few more bucks and get a DVD copy. But what I'm curious about is how they cut their weekly TV show. Last week they aired a bunch of matches from Final Battle. This week its the start of the Top Prospect Tournament.

    Do they record these big event shows, and then chop them up for TV broadcast exclusively? Or do they do non-named-event shows? If they're broadcasting the events, do they usually release the events on DVD before doing so? I actually can't find an available dvd release of Final Battle in their online shop.

    Can I skip paying for the event streams if the same content is going to air weekly eventually?

    Its all very interesting, but I'm marginally confused on those things.

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    roh does 4 tapings. i am not sure how they tape their shows, but i believe that they edit the show then air them. i dont know if i can explain it, but let me figure it out. if roh starts a match with steen and strong, it doesnt mean it'll be the first match of that airing...or if taven faces lethal, on the second taping. it could be aired on the last week of that month. (hopefully you can understand what i mean.) as for "big events" roh does ippvs that they air steam through the internet.

    roh had aired their ippvs on tv for a couple of weeks from taking a break for the holidays. they just did some roh tapings. this is what hurts roh when doing tapings in advance, they could tape a show a month behind and it would be aired within the next month and also have a ippv during the same month. so, you could see somebody like steen as champ from tapings, but say cole beat him, cole is champ but we wont see that being taped in some month ahead. it can be confusing.

    roh also does live events, they are like house shows but roh shows them on video on demand. i cant tell you to skip paying or not. what i will say is, if you want to continue to following the product and watch roh as a regular, go ahead. if you dont care then just dont. one last edit. ok, when you find final battle on demand where it says "please make a perchance", where you can select, you can choose dvd.

    they do release dvds. they dont have final battle for last year. they do have it on video on demand for $15
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    YYYEEESSSSSS! steen is booked to the SA event here. i just read a match is already set up. reddragon vs rush in a proving ground match. last time ach faced lethal. it was a typical roh match, but it was full out crazy fun match.

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    evertte faced the romantic touch...ok match nothing special
    cheeseburger loosed to some guy with a big beard. i didnt catch his name. nothing special, but the finisher was pretty nice
    the decade beat mark briscoe and adam page...another match that wasnt much
    ciampa and silas was alright.

    this show, nothing stood out. there isnt much to say about the show
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    roh has signed rowe, so rowe is going to win this top prospect tournament

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    evens continue his streak defeating 2 including main event between jay briscoe and bobby fish.

    aj has his debut match next week. finally

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    ROH Wrestling's Finest

    BJ Whitmer and Jimmy Jacobs defeated ACH and TD

    [Bobby Cruise just announced Paul London would not be appearing due to flight issues. Instead they're giving us 3 TV main events]
    (dang, was hoping to see london here)

    Hanson defeated Rowe in a top prospect tournament
    (dang, i would have thought rowe was going to win this tournament. really looked like it was going all his way)

    Bennett defeated The Romantic Touch

    Ciampa defeated Taven and Lethal in a TV title match

    Alexander defeated Everett

    Steen defeated Kyle
    [After the match, Cliff Compton came out and jumped the barricade. He and Steen started throwing ROH "security" around before they faced off against each other. Steen threw Compton over the ropes and went to put him through a table, but Compton punched him in the balls. Steen was on the table and Compton connected with a Superfly Splash off the top rope]

    [Prior to the main event, ring announcer Bobby Cruise announced that whoever could submit Adam Cole that person would get a future ROH Title shot]

    Chris Hero and Elgin defeated Cole and Hardy and the Briscoe Brothers

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    Ring Of Honor presents "State of the Art"
    February 8, 2014San Antonio, TX

    ROH World Tag Team Champions, reDRagon (Kyle O'Reilly & Bobby Fish) vs Adrenaline RUSH (ACH & Tadarius Thomas)
    Ray Rowe vs B.j Whitmore
    4 Corner Survival match "Mr. Wrestling" Kevin Steen vs. Jay Lethal vs. "The Sicilian Psychopath" Tommaso Ciampa vs. "Unbreakable" Michael Elgin

    Ring of Honor returns to San Antonio on February 8th for "State of the Art"! This will be a huge show with major impact on every title scene in ROH. We've already announced a Proving Ground tag team match. Today we can confirm a giant 4 Corner Survival match pitting some of the top singles contenders against each other. On February 8th, it's "Mr. Wrestling" Kevin Steen vs. Jay Lethal vs. "The Sicilian Psychopath" Tommaso Ciampa vs. "Unbreakable" Michael Elgin!

    Kevin Steen and Michael Elgin are at the top of the list when it comes to contenders for Adam Cole's ROH World Championship. Meanwhile, Jay Lethal and Tommaso Ciampa are also top contenders, but recently they've been battling over Ciampa's World TV Title. A win in this 4 Corner Survival would definitely influence Nigel McGuinness as he cooks up future challenges for Cole. Plus, if Tommaso Ciampa is still TV Champion in San Antonio, he'll be going into this match with a huge bullseye on his back. Pinning a current champion practically guarantees a future title shot.

    This is one of the biggest 4 Corner Survival matches in the history of Ring of Honor! But there's still a lot more coming to Texas. The Decade - after tag team success on ROH TV - continues their campaign against young "upstarts" trying to make a name for themselves in ROH with 2 singles matches: Jimmy Jacobs vs. Cedric Alexander and BJ Whitmer vs. Raymond Rowe. Additionally, Mark Briscoe will be in action as he takes on Michael Bennett with Maria Kanellis. We've also received word that Jay Briscoe will be in San Antonio and he has issued another open challenge for his "real" world championship.
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