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Thread: Tag Titles @ WM

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    Tag Titles @ WM

    Wil there even be a match?
    They have brought back The Rhodes Scholars, so I foresee them in a match with Team Hell No.
    I really think a 4 way match is the way to roll here, with Ziggler having a win over Bryan and Kane this week, I think they get added to the match, I also think the return of The New Age Outlaws has gone down well this the fans, while these guys are not really ring fit, the dont need to be in the ring at all times, and dont need to win, which makes them great entertainment, great high spots for the crowd.
    So I say, 4 way, Fatal? or Elimination? For time sakes I guess Fatal.

    Fatal 4 way.
    Champions, Team Hell NO
    vs The Rhodes Scholars
    vs Ziggler & Big E Langston
    vs The New Age Outlaws

    This seems like a fun match, should be full of high spots, these guys are all great preformers, who will put each other over, hell Brock can come out and ruin TNAO night, putting him over further as a heel for the night, and later. This adds further depth to the drama of finally crowning new tag champs,
    I can see both Scholars and Zigglers getting the win.
    Can anyone else?

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    It's going to be Team Hell No vs Ziggler & Big E Langston. cause they been building that feud for like 2 weeks.

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    I just see Hell No vs. Ziggler and Langston, with the champs retaining

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Piper View Post
    I just see Hell No vs. Ziggler and Langston, with the champs retaining
    I think Ziggler & Big E Langston can win. It will keep Ziggler busy for a couple of months

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    Hell No vs Ziggler & Langston is the most pointless of matches I can think of. So yeah, it fits the mold of WM in recent years. It's just filler.

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    Fair call guys, but the idea iwould be a good match worthy of WM!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Melevolent 27 View Post
    Fair call guys, but the idea iwould be a good match worthy of WM!

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    Team Hell No vs Ziggler and Big E needs alot of work to even get in the realm of WM, champs retaining is also boring, they have had their time at this level, their storey is dieing out. title changes are fun. Time for the Bryan vs Kane in ring rivalry for a while. Del Rio will not drop, Rock will, so far no other title are on the line? and no one really cares about the 2 lower titles.

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    I rather see the fatal 4 way then just a regular tag match. It gets more guys involved in Mania that don't have a match yet.

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    I think, to make things bigger, have Big E. and Dolph Ziggler win the Tag Team Titles, and the loss from Tell Hell No will fuel their breakup and into (yet another) Daniel Bryan vs. Kane feud. Also, later that night, Dolph Ziggler cashes in and becomes the new World Heavyweight Champion! This would make Ziggler - a now-double champion - a legit threat and main eventer as World Champion. Shortly afterwards (maybe on Raw?) AJ defeats her former friend Kaitlyn to become Divas Champion. Thus, making this trifecta group of AJ, Big E. (whom is also NXT Champion) and Ziggler a dominant one.


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