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    TNA is a talented company that has come a long way. Unfortunately, the wrestling itself has nothing to do with increasing the ratings, only maintaining the ratings they have.
    TNA's marketing isn't that strong domestically... Aside from pleasing and maintaining current fans, they should also try to expand their audience. WWE is constantly expanding its "universe" through all types of media.

    Originally Posted by The Piper
    People would rather watch a 5 second UFC fight than an actual entertaining wrestling match

    Plus the fact that a lot of people don't know TNA exists, or thinks that it's the "minor leagues" and are too ignorant to watch it.

    As a company, they ARE the minor leagues. The ignorance that prevents people from watching would be TNA's fault. Why should we watch it? Who are these guys and why do they matter? Outside of the television program itself, TNA doesn't really give people a reason to watch it. They need to create a buzz that is heard outside of the wrestling world - Something shocking, something against the unwritten rules, and bring back that frickin 6-sided ring...

    How to get WWE fans to watch TNA:
    Do a Parody of John Cena (most WWE fans boo him anyway). Call him John Tweena, have him be a skilled mat technician and have him rap. Sure it'll piss off a lot of people, but they'll still tune in to see the guy and get a good laugh. Gillberg made me laugh all the time.

    TNA Wrestling - We've got the Attitude you're looking for.

    How to expand audience by garnering non-wrestling fans.
    TNA Knockouts - worked kayfabe accidental nip-slip... match stops, Knockout cries and runs to the back. That should make TMZ. Just kidding...
    They need to make their talent more marketable to people that don't watch wrestling. Game shows, talk shows, TV Shows, fundraisers, etc. This is why it's important to have a recognizable look, mic skills, and gimmicks. Stop wasting big money on outdated talent and put it toward marketing the product.


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