View Poll Results: Which stipulation should be in the HHH vs Brock match?

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  • Hell in a Cell

    6 12.24%
  • Submission

    4 8.16%
  • No holds barred

    0 0%
  • 3 stages of hell

    13 26.53%
  • Texas bullrope match

    2 4.08%
  • Match with a MMA stipulation

    7 14.29%
  • Last man standing match

    12 24.49%
  • Other

    5 10.20%
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    I want a last man standing inside the cell, not going to happen, so I voted last man standing.

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    MMA Stipulation. I would like to see the MMA one. HIAC is fine too. (But 2 years in a row? I don't think WWE would do that)

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    Well to have an MMA stipulation and not have the match inside the octagon would be redundant. Its like having a PB&J sandwich on two fish fillets instead of bread.

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    An old fashioned 3 stages of hell would be cool Falls count anywhere, Cage, and then a ladder match if necessary of course!

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    I voted Last Man Standing. I don't like the MMA idea. This is wrestling. not UFC. HIAC happened last year, don't need it again. Wasn't their match at Summerslam No Holds Barred? While 3 stages of hell is a nice match idea, for it to work you need someone who could work well with each other. I don't think Lesnar and HHH do. That is why I go with last Man standing. I think it could be brutal, and a fight.

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    don't see how MMA rules would work cause there is not a soul on earth that for one second believes that Triple H can beat Brock in a real fight, and that makes this so stupid if they do, but if they choose to do so then I'm not gonna judge before I've seen the match, but for my pick of stipulation, well I'll go for a pillow-fight
    just kidding hehe

    no why not something new or rather a mix of some old ones like a 30 min iron man street fight match

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    Texas bullrope match!

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    Lions Den match. With Shamrock as ref.

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    I voted last man standing. I don't think HIAC will be the stipulation especially since Brock will be choosing and HHH will have more of a advantage coming into the match since he has been in a lot of HIAC matches. Also i wouldn't like to see the rumored MMA type match unless of course Lesnar is set to win.

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    I picked other. I think the fact that Brock and Heyman get to pick without HHH knowing shows that the stipulation will heavily favor Brock. Like some have suggested, I am thinking they will do a stipulation like if HHH loses Heyman runs the company, or if HHH loses he retires. Then to turn things back to even I see HHH adding HBK as the ref on the last raw before WM. They could explain it as a loophole cause all he is doing is apointing the ref. Might be lame but it gets HBK on the card.


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