View Poll Results: Which stipulation should be in the HHH vs Brock match?

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  • Hell in a Cell

    6 12.24%
  • Submission

    4 8.16%
  • No holds barred

    0 0%
  • 3 stages of hell

    13 26.53%
  • Texas bullrope match

    2 4.08%
  • Match with a MMA stipulation

    7 14.29%
  • Last man standing match

    12 24.49%
  • Other

    5 10.20%
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    Which stipulation would you like to see?

    Simple question - which stipulation would you like to see in the Brock Lesnar vs Triple H match?

    I myself would like to see hell in a cell match. Those two guys are perfect to be inside the devil's belly, since they're so viscious and Brock would problably get busted open as well. This could be the 'violent' moment of the 'mania.

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    I'd like to see a HIAC match, but not sure if they'll do a HIAC match at Wrestlemania 2 years in a row. That stipulation definitely suits HHH and Lesnar though.
    I wouldn't mind seeing a Texas Bull rope match. It's different, and it would be interesting to see if HHH and Lesnar could do a Wrestlemania standard match with that stipulation.

    I hear that they're considering putting an MMA rules stipulation on the match, not sure if I'm feeling that though.

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    Under the ring before big show tears it down.
    No holds barred is no DQ right? if so that is my second best choice, let them have it to backstage, in the middle of the fans and maybe even taking it out to the middle of the street to beat the living crap out of eachothers.
    submission is a cool concept and to me it's tied up to no holds barred so i rly dont know which one to pick, can u imagine brock taping to Triple H? brock broke HHH's arm twice its only fair HHH would break brock's legs or arms back so im gonna go with that one.
    the hell in a cell is just useless in my opinion, sure it lookss brutal but nowaday wwe rarely uses the cage as a weapon so im gonna say no to that.
    last man standing would be cool aswell but it has been used not too long ago TWICE mind u by big show and ADR so no
    3 stages of hell would just drag for far too what stages of hell would u like to see? i think three stages of hell havent been used for a long time and its easy to see drags for far too long..
    Texas bullrope match? is that a joke? do u seriously see these two on that kind of embaressing environment?
    and stipulation.i hate that choice but its probably what wwe will be after because of the growing crowd loving ufc its only obvious vince is gonna persue it and try to get ufc fans to watch wwe again just bcuz brock is in mania...but i honestly dont think wrestling should be mixed with mma..its a cheap way to get fans plus ufc fans...yea i doubt a good number of them would be interested in re-watching wwe because lets face it, most ufc fans heard about wwe they were older wwe fans from the AE or they just never rly cared about a scripted entertainment show and prefer a more realistic approach instead, but since this is wwe and im sure vince is still gonna try it, then i guess that's what we will get...

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    I voted Last Man Standing. Since I saw the one with Triple H vs. Jericho I've loved them. It seems fittings for these too brawlers to me too.
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    MMA stipulation, as long as there are no gut kicks allowed.

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    They should just fight inside the octagon

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    Quote Originally Posted by Erroneous Fool View Post
    They should just fight inside the octagon
    If they put an MMA stipulation on the match, who's to say that the match won't be inside an Octagon?

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    LIONS DEN! LIONS DEN! LIONS DEN! I have been wanting this match (even if its got weapons, i'd actually love for it to have wepons still) to come back since shamrock and sevren days!

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    Stipulation: If Brock Lesnar or Triple H wins, we never have to see this match again

    Just kidding, I'd love to see either Last Man Standing or Lion's Den, however the Lion's Den matches are too short for Wrestlemania

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    I Quit. For the shier fact of hearing one of them saying "I QUIT!".

    A STAR WAS BORN!!!! #ThankYouBrock


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