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    Eve was just working with the developmental divas in Tampa this past week. Nothing was said wether or not WWE is trying to get her back on TV. WWE has divas and have a nice selection going in NXT right now, the problem is they don't utilize them properly and for the most part they aren't that great wrestlers. You have a few that can really wrestle and two of them are on NXT right now (Paige/Sasha Banks).

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    Melina, despite her reputation, was an excellent female wrestler. I was always into her matches because she did weird moves like the sunset flip among others. It just seems highly unlikely that they would contact her to return. Beth Phoenix, Maryse, Kharma, and Kelly Kelly seem to be the most likely choices if the WWE is determined to beef up the Diva's division.
    Hey.. I'm not telling you anything that you don't already know.


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    Not attitude era divas.....I'd say Beth Phoenix, Kharma are the top ones based on storyline and matches. Me personally, not for matches or storylines. Maryse!! I think Miz/Maryse power couple would have worked when he was WWE champion. It would also help him get back to the top.

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    i'd like like to see serena deeb get a second chance

    not staying true to her character outside The 'E was a dumb reason to release her


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