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    Under the ring before big show tears it down.
    kharma is extremely overrated
    lita is probably a bit too old to come back
    trish is doing her own stuff in canada whatever that is..
    kelly kelly even if she came back the diva's division would still be crap
    beth took the smart way out and left when they were making her look like a complete joke
    eve is acting and she just got out man..if she ever decided to return it wouldnt be too soon
    maryse was cool but like tommy thunder said she has her own business now and when u have ur own business u dont give up on it.
    melina...i could see melina come back if jomo does too if not then no i dont see her coming back
    michelle mccool was cool ( see wut i did there?) but she's raising a family with taker so i doubt she can work a full time schedule with wwe anymore.

    in my decent opinion wwe should focus more on bringing back new future diva's from nxt, and give them a gimmick for fuck sakes
    paige is more than ready for prime time
    sasha banks and dawn marie are two beautiful chicks but need a gimmick
    summer rae is a snorky bitch she reminds me a bit of maryse she's ready too
    so there u go 4 good potential divas to shake up their diva's division.


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