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    The Justice League

    *Disclaimer, I'm not a comic book expert here so correct me if I'm wrong on anything.

    I want this movie to be just as good as The Avengers but Hollywood doesn't have a good track record with DC characters. Green Lantern was terrible and Nolan's Batman is far too realistic for non-human heroes to work.

    It is possible to have this be a good movie but they need to follow the Avengers model of having major movies for the main characters first so we don't have lengthy origin stories taking up screen time. A new Batman series, at this point, would be a waste of time. We know his back story, he is incredibly over and in our faces right now. I don't know about you guys and gals but I'm starting to get sick of the character. Superman does need a new film, Wonder Woman has almost no major exposure this century and the rest of the JLA is almost unheard of in mainstream pop-culture.

    The actors also need to be damn good as well. Great nominees that I've heard or thought of:
    Andrew Lincoln as Batman
    Olivia Wilde as Wonder Woman
    Bradley Cooper as Hal Jordan
    Lawrence Fishburne as The Martian Manhunter
    Carl Urban as Aquaman
    Joe Manganiello as Captain Marvel
    Joseph Gordon-Levitt as The Flash

    Possible Villains:
    Kevin Spacey as Lex Luther
    Willem Defoe as Darkseid
    Hugo Weaving as Sinestro
    Vinnie Jones as Solomon Grundy

    Tell me what you think. I'm probably just spewing nonsense like normal.
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    I'm not a huge comic book guy either, my only real knowledge of teh justice league comes from the cartoon series a few years back but I'm also hoping for this to be a great movie. My problem is that I feel its going to be a major flop from everything I've heard. According to everything I've seen they are planning to have justice league be the first movie and spring new movies off of it. Their going to relaunch batman and green lantern, I don't know if their going to use the same superman from man of steel but I have a feeling thats gonna be a failure as well as every superman movie seems to be.

    I so want this to be a great movie because I'm a have always liked DC over marvel, aside from Daredevil, but I can't see it being as good as it could be just because their not building it up right.

    Also, this may just be me but I would much prefer Weaving to be Luthor. The way he speaks and how he can switch from emotionless to batshit crazy in an instant would be perfect.
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    Weaving would be good no matter who he plays.
    I will never forget you, CBot. You will always be my one true love.


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