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    Exclamation The Future of EWNCW

    So, where to begin.

    Firstly, some of these changes have been in the works for some time, others have are just things that have been decided recently.
    We all know for a fact that the e-fedding section isn't thriving as much as it was 'back in the good old days' (whenever those were and whatever they are). But on the other hand, the section is definitely doing better than it was back last summer when a lot of stuff went down. Those problems really hampered things and the feds have never recovered fully from it I feel. I digress, EWNCW was the first ever fed on EWN and low and behold, it's still here and still doing fairly well (I think). Not perfect, but still going along at a steady pace and still putting out good shows (I hope).

    However, we've come to the conclusion that EWNCW is too big to accommodate things. At present we have 5 shows running in total: Rage, Brutality (exclusive to tag teams), Inferno, Warzone and TWE Warpath. At one point we were able to fill these shows, things were buzzing and it worked fine. now however, that isn't the case. Interest in the feds have dwindled, we've seen countless people drop out/get banned/leave and what not and so the call isn't there for it any more.

    Another problem that EWNCW has had is unreliability from creative hands. While some have been nothing short of God-like as far as reliability goes, others haven't. Back in September eboy and TBOZ left us hanging high and dry without any sort of warning whatsoever. Big problem. It resulted in a long ass delay and it hampered the progress we were in the middle of. ok, so we came through that.
    Most recently I was looking at being down to no less than 3 writers to cover Rage, Inferno and Brutality, since TTC was away (of course, I found out eventually that he was having emergency surgery, so that's fair enough) and 2 more guys wanted out, and another informed me that he'd also have to leave because of another issue which I won't disclose. On top of that, I was informed today of another member that was possibly leaving creative.
    At that point I did not see EWNCW continuing. I was actually strongly considering closing EWNCW since there was no way that we could have written 3 shows with 3 guys, and there is a well known lack of interest form people wanting to be on creative right now, so getting 1 new guy on board was going to be hard let alone 3.
    So yeah, this was just one fight that I didn't see EWNCW coming out of and walking off into the sunset, this was it. I was setting up and getting ready to declare EWNCW closed.

    However, EWNCW's never say die attitude has once again come through and a phoenix has once again risen from the ashes. I can happily say that we aren't closing, not by a long shot. But as I said earlier, some changes are afoot to:

    A) make the fed more manageable for the manpower we have
    B) ensure that we don't fall into the same trap again of being low on creative manpower
    C) make the fed more suitable for the demand there is for e-fedding on EWN
    D) to hopefully make things a little fairer for the more active people in the fed

    So, what are these changes I hear you asking. Well, here they are:

    1. Warzone is on ice indefinitely.
    Right now this show isn't needed. When the show started back last summer, there was definitely a demand for it evident form the few very good episodes that have been (if you read the ones eboy wrote, they're very good). It was a show so that we could get a little extra action each week, but right now, we as a team have decided it's not needed, so it's on the shelf indefinitely.

    2. Brutality is closing.
    Iup. BWA, the one and only tag team only fed that became the tag team only brand of EWNCW known as Brutality is done effective after In Violence We Trust. It's had a great run, both as a company and as a brand of EWNCW, but SEZ has been of the opinion for a while that it's well and truly run it's course, and I'll trust his judgment on it better than anyone else given that he's in charge of it and been part of it from the start.
    I hear all you tag teamers asking what will become of the tag teams after IVWT? Well, simple. The active tag teams will be divided between Rage and Inferno, and you'll be featured on those 2 brands just as tag teams such as God Money, force of Greatness, Jesting Madness and the like were before. We haven't decided on how the titles and such will work, but rest assured, we'll figure out the best solution to ensure that there's enough for our teams to do and aim for.

    So regarding the 2 above points, the creative teams post IVWT will look like this:

    Rage: Myself, TTC and Grind
    Inferno: Rilla, King and SEZ
    TWE: Scribs and Cricket

    Rilla might have to go offline for an unknown period soon, so if that happens, Grind will move over to Inferno to cover.

    *Rilla is TJB*

    3. We're cutting inactive talent.
    You must be thinking "Well, shouldn't you do this anyway?". But by this I don't mean people who have left necessarily. I mean people who have signed up and should be active, but aren't active in the thread, not getting promos in on time etc. If you sign up then at least try and show your face in the thread once in a while. I don't care what your character name is or how many title he's won in whatever other company, if you're not going to put the effort that others do into EWNCW, then don't expect to get anything here. If you're inactive in the thread, then it'll be reflected in the shows, or even worse, you won't be used at all. That doesn't mean the end for your character in EWNCW though. You can cure it by becoming active again. People are suggesting that we're overseeing people that do actually put effort in and are rewarding loyalty or names instead. Well hear me and hear me well here; that is NOT how I work. Every person who's holding a title in EWNCW has worked for it. If you want to take that title from that person, then you put the work in, you'll aim to beat that person and you'll get it. that is how e-fedding works. Simple as that. But like I said, if you sign up to EWNCW, don't expect a damn thing from here on out if you're not going to put any effort in, we'll move on and leave you in the dust behind us, and you'll have to try and catch up with the guys who do put the effort in if you want to get involved again.
    we might also be sending some people to work in TWE for a short period at a time if we find that there isn't room for everyone on the main shows. With tag teams being added, even with cutting inactive guys shows might be bloated. So anyone and everyone should be prepared to work a few TWE shows if needed. And please, if you do get asked to work TWE for a few shows, please don't look at it like a punishment or relegation. I'd like to think that nobody here is petty like that.

    So yeah, that's where we're at. We're cutting down to 2 main shows and one developmental brand. We're cutting unneeded talent, and we're making things more manageable for you guys and for us.

    We were this close to closing, I shit you not. I was really down and out the other night with all that was going on 'backstage' (some of you will know how depressed I was), but EWNCW always pull through and we have done so again. These changes will hopefully be beneficial for all of us.

    Feedback/questions on the above is welcome from anyone, be you from EWNCW or not. Hence why this was put in a stand-alone thread. So please feel free to comment


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    I'll admit it, I'm guilty of not being as active as I should. I hope those who are like me will make the necessary changes to make the discussion thread more lively.

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    Quote Originally Posted by K2Jelly View Post
    I'll admit it, I'm guilty of not being as active as I should. I hope those who are like me will make the necessary changes to make the discussion thread more lively.
    Takes a man to admit that, and that I can appreciate and even relate with because I too am guilty of not posting IC in the thread as much as I should do. As my character is EWNCW champ I should really be IC'ing a lot more, but as you can see, as of late I've been a bit preoccupied trying to steer the ship through a shitstorm.

    But I too am willing to make the effort to do more in regards to IC work and just generating general discussion in the thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by K2Jelly View Post
    I'll admit it, I'm guilty of not being as active as I should. I hope those who are like me will make the necessary changes to make the discussion thread more lively.
    same here, I have been really busy as of late with work and college and have not been as active as I used to be. I do make sure to pop in when I get the chance



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    Quote Originally Posted by wrestlingfan66513 View Post
    same here, I have been really busy as of late with work and college and have not been as active as I used to be. I do make sure to pop in when I get the chance
    I would IC but everyone I feud with in EWNCW gets banned :P

    Say my name and his in the same breath, I dare you to say they taste they same.

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    I get the feeling I'm close to being fired then since I've been quite inactive

    This majorly sucks but it really is a good thing that you're cutting off certain things in order to keep the main part alive. I don't think anyone wants to see the eldest EFed die.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asherdelampyr View Post
    I would IC but everyone I feud with in EWNCW gets banned :P
    The curse of Asher

    But seriously though, what WF does is all we ask for. Just drop in whenever you're online, drop a few lines, then that's it. Check back later to see if someone's replied or whatever, if yes, then you can continue, if not, then no worries, drop a few more lines. The more you IC the more likely you are to get pushed, since you actually seem interested.

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    I take the same as tommy, as a champion I am not doing my work load, I have been busy and with no shows going out I haven't been looking much. That will change though and I hope everyone decides to start IC'ing more and getting involved

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    Sure, with the above stated Ive been a slight bit busy but I'll certainly do more often very soon, not that there's major problematic reason cuz I do IC quite a lot sometimes....I just hate B-Mac and don't enjoy talking to him at all, in any way.

    Yea I'll be back around in no time.

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    as far as inactive characters of mine- you know which one i am bringing back, the others you can cut. Just too busy to write for so many- but i can start ICing again with ????????

    Rest in Peace Eva "Ezra"

    ah, Renee Young


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