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Thread: *Anime Thread*

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    My name is Recoome! It rhymes with doom!

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    Watching Gantz well stopped now as sleepy.

    but this Anime is just WOW at the minute i dont tend to go for the gory animes(apart from Berserk) but this one is just pure class. Only 3 episodes in at the moment so no spoilers please.

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    Finished Gantz today....

    Incredible Anime series, has ALOT of violence and quite alot of nudity. I would highly recommend this to anyone who likes anime even if you just watch the Temple episodes(which were just incredible) the amount of action, twists and violence were just mind blowing.

    Ending was the only thing that kinda ruined it for me as it was more confusing then anything else.

    But i highly recommend it 9/10 and the temple episodes are a must for anyone who watches anime.

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    I think I'm about due my bi-annual Naruto and Bleach catch-up marathon™ (lol remember when putting ™ after everything was cool (in b4 it was never cool))

    I heard the manga of both series are coming to an end in the near future, which I think is great news tbqfh. It'll be weird but also gratifying to see two series I've followed for about 7-8 years to come to a conclusion. Plus it's not like they're as well written (or as well animated, for that matter) as they once were.

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    Watching Detroit Metal City WHAT A PIC supergoing, its phenomenal i literally have seen nothing like this before its sooo offensive and hilarious. And has a real Western animation feel to it. This and Gantz are defiantly my two favorites from this year.

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    Spring anime has some good titles.

    Sankarea(look out for this one if you are into supernatural, romance, and zombies)
    Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka Season 2(Season 1 was awesome. Funny moments and Ecchi with some violence)
    Accel World(if you are in to gaming)
    Madeka Box

    Should be a bit more on the way, right?

    These titles caught my attention at the moment.

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    animes i watch or seen....Death Note (greatest anime ever), naruto (personal fav), Bleach (Amazing anime), FMA, Bakuman, Mushishi and Code Geass...

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    Half way through Speed Grapher - very good physiological horror/scifi thriller some very interesting psychos in this and its very adult surprised it go the 15 rating really but then again Strike Witches got a 12

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    Quote Originally Posted by SilverGhost View Post
    I watch

    Just brought these two so they best be good SG

    Is £180($250) to much to spend on anime in a day?

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    Anyone read the latest Naruto Shippuden?


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