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    Post the all-time greatest dream tag teams!

    I would like you to put some of the greatest dream tag teams. your dream tag teams must be created from 2 wrestlers who haven't worked together as a team (but if they did for 2-3 times, it's acceptable ). you can put together wrestlers from all promotions and from all eras. by saying "greatest", I mean overall greatness: dominance, success, team work (level of ring work together), gimmick, draw, etc. about each team you mention, explain what do you think would make them so special/ epic.
    some of my greatest would be (no order):

    1. Cena and HBK: worked together one time, against Batista and Taker (before WM23) and it was just epic to see their perfect team work. their oppoinents were much bigger, and still- they made them look like their bitches!

    2. Goldberg and Undertaker: why just dreaming about streak vs streak match, when you can put streak + streak together? this would be undoubtly one of the most complete tag teams imaginable. that fantastic complex of power, dominance, speed, rasiliance and immortallity would make this team untouchable.

    3. Steve austin and Cena: any explanation needed here? #1 of the EA (in WWF promotion) vs #1 of the last 8 years. those 2 ultimative winners bring with them a rarely seen intensity, charisma, self confidence, and willing to take on any chalange, no metter how big/ strong he is. if we take a look at each one's history, we will see that together they have put down, perhaps, more big names than anyone else in this bussiness. so now, just imagine them joining forces!

    4. Goldberg and the old Kane (masked, ofcourse): probably, the deadliest tag team you could ever put together. in my opinion, the 2 most powerfull forces in wrestling's history. both looked unbeatable in their prime, and together it would be the perfect combination of: epic gimmicks, dominance and a squashing machine. can't see them been stopped by any tag team we have knowned from the past.

    5. Kurt angle and HBK: two of the greatest pure in ring workers, perfect technic, perfect acrobatic abbilities, have worked together for a while in a fued so they should know each other very well. would make any match a must seen spectacle.

    6. Hulk hogan and The Rock: we can call that team "team charisma". no doubt, 2 of the most charismatic guys in wrestling's history, don't have to do much in order to make the crowd going nuts. each one defined an era (Hogan- the golden era and The Rock- the EA, along side with Austin). the pops they would get, the crowd's support, their unlimmited energies, their solidarity, their experiance together (in their fued), their simmilarities in their body sizes and in ring's psychology- would make them one of the greatest tag teams you could ever think of.

    7. Ryback and Brock Leasner: I imagine that would work perfect together. 2 beasts, 2 wrecking machines, with power & streanth from another planet, and with no merci. that would be scary as hell to face them.

    8. Steve Austin and Goldberg: 2 of the biggest names in wrestling's history. each one was the undisputed leader of his company between 1998-1999 (perhaps, the best years of the legendary EA). in that period, the undisputed dream match every fan wanted to see was Steve austin vs Goldberg. so just imagine those 2 working together as a team. can't be bad, I guess

    9. Bret Hart and Kurt Angle: almost the same reasons as HBK and Angle

    10. Ryback and Warrior: same reasons as Ryback & Brock

    11. Goldberg and Cena: THE GREATEST 2 in my book! the 2 "super-heroes" of their respective eras. in one word- untouchable! enought sayed.

    now, give your overall greatest dream tag teams of all time.

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    Did Hbk/Cena not actually win the titles together?!?
    As for question at hand, would have like to have seen any combination of Lesner, Goldberg and Batista team. Would be a wrestling crew.
    Another, since can do different era's, Show and Andre. Te ultimate Twin Towers!

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    I love that this was his first pick. :')

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    Samoa Joe/Daniel Bryan---Technical prowess and a powerhouse, with the perfect amount of high flying

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    here are some must be added options to the list of perfect dream tag teams:

    1. Kurt angle and Brock Leasner

    2. Undertaker and Warrior

    3. Batista and Brock Leasner

    4. Goldberg and Kurt Angle

    5. Goldberg and Brock Leasner

    those 5 really looks like ideal tag teams which would demolish all oppoinents possible. no doubt, Goldberg and Ryback also comes to mind as an unstopable tag team which would wheep the floor with anybody, but since their backstage heat I prefer not to put them together

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    Assuming everyone's in their prime:

    Stone Cold & CM Punk - I think they could work as a dysfunctional team with two common goals; ass-kicking & winning championships.

    Triple H & Ric Flair - Cross-generation, these two could run wrestling.

    Undertaker & Sting - The darkness & in-ring ability would just work.

    Plus I would love the matches when these teams disbanded.
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    I believe Eddie Guerrero & RVD would have been exciting to watch. Basically same finisher and fast paced action.


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