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    5, average. I neither love nor hate his current run. He's not done anything wrong, but he's not there enough to do anything particularly right. I personally wouldn't vote in favour of giving him another run unless he was willing to commit to 3 months straight without missing a Raw.
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    I went with a generous 5. As much as I hated seeing him take the strap off Punk, it's still cool for a bonafide A-list star like the Rock to come back and bust his ass for a few months. He's missing key Raws leading up to Mania, which I despise, but when he is on Raw he's a stud. Rock as Champ continues to give the belt credibility Punk worked so hard to build.

    Lastly, my initial reaction was a 4. But, I gave an extra point because the my last vision of him was delivering that solid promo with Cena 2 weeks ago. They sold me on this feud again. Rock was all business and all badass. +1

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    Well the fact that he is missing on TV so much i think its shit and i feel sorry for the guys that are there full time.

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    I for one cannot stand when a guy gets the highest most prestigious title and uses it just to promote movies, tv shows, and wrestlemania. I know it's not the Rock's fault it's just business but it sucks not seeing the WWE champion on a consistant basis. HE IS THE MAIN GUY! Oh well that's just my take on it and I give him a 3. I would much rather see a fighting champion who shows up consistently (Eddie G, Kurt Angle, Punk, Dare I say... Benoit) over a marketing champion anyday. It's even better if you can have both in the same guy, ALLA Miz.

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    Currently, I would give him a 3 and it's only because of he is entertaining when he cuts promos. And when he does wrestle which seems to be never he still can bring it.

    Let's face it, this current title run of his has no point to it what-so-ever. Only reason why he's got the belt is to drop it to Cena and I guess "pass the torch" so to say.

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    I gave a 3. The Rock just himself, is a great champ, but when you take in his lack of appearances and matches, it hurts any credibility. Like others have said, punk should have just kept the title.

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