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    Wrestlemania 29- how wwe could swerve it up!

    So we know the main matches for WM but as the rumours go and IWC knows most of them have become predictable already. So here is a list of matches with predictable outcomes and possible swerve.
    Jus a bit of fun n leave ur thoughts n ideas aswell..

    1) The Rock vs John Cena - WWE Championship.
    Predictable outcome: cena wins
    Makes sense, cena and rock will be 1-1 for one and cena needs it after lasts year loss.

    Swerve: 2 options here, rock retains and holds the strap until elimination chamber or someone costs rock the title so cena wins but no clean and frees up both rock and cena for the next fueds.

    2) Undertaker vs CM Punk
    Predicatble outcome: 'taker obviously

    Swerve: i still cannot see taker losing regardless so the only other option i could think of would be like a double count out or double knockout that would end it in a no contest. This would keep takers streak intact but also give punk that little something extra and credibility that he isnt just a sneaky heel but really is still best in the world.

    3) Brock lesnar vs Triple h
    Predictable outcome - Triple h (jus by a bit)

    Swerve- brock wins, trips retires coz he cant get the job done anymore. Seriously only thing i could think that was plausible.

    4) jack swagger vs alberto del rio - WHC match
    Predictable outcome- adr retains especially with swaggers dui charge.

    Swerve: adr retains still but swagger locks on the ankle lock post match leavin adr messed up and ZIGGLER ABLE TO CASH IN FINALLY!! New World champion .

    The shield vs sheamus, orton and ryback/big show - I still think ryback could face mark henry after how smackdown ended.
    Predictable outcome- the shield, their undefeated so far.

    Swerve : orton, sheamus and ? Actually win this time or a good time for an orton heel turn on sheamus simply because he hears voices again.

    Thats some of my thoughts on how wwe could keep us guessing. Other matches i would like to see would be:

    New age outlaws vs team hell no for tag titles. Outlaws wins(would be awesome) hell no finally split

    Wade barrett vs chris jericho for IC title

    Miz vs cesaro most prob will happen maybe even pre-show

    Leave ur comments and ideas below. Enjoy.

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    Why will Miz vs Cesaro "prob" happen, their rivalry is clearly over


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