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Thread: All the gold.

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    All the gold.

    How would you feel about two single wrestlers put together as a tag team and then they gradually won all the gold? One of them WWE and IC champ and the other WHC and US champ. Hell even give their valet the Divas title. If done right this angle could run for a while as a build up. Letting them win the titles over a number of months/PPVs.

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    ShoMiz held the United States, WWE Tag Team, and World Tag Team Championships simultaneously in early 2010. Had Big Show also been Intercontinental Champion, they would've completely conquered the undercard.

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    TNA are apparently doing that with Aires and Roode, they claim that they're going to take all the titles, but I don't think they're going to actually follow through with that storyline.

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    Closest Ive ever seen was back in 2001 when Stone Cold was WWF Champ & Triple H was IC Champ & together held WWF Tag Title. The 2 Man Power Trip

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    I like this idea. But who ? You need 2 amazing wrestlers to make it believable. I think of Cena, Punk, Lesnar, Rock first but they all are kinda lonesome and/or have a busy schedule outside WWE.

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    it could work, not many people pull off that kind of dominance in WWE, theoretically you could actually set up the shield to do it, they are the only heels being sold as "that Damn Good" everyone else has had just a few too many losses they maybe shouldn't have, and it's DEFINATELY a heel gimmick, You could possibly turn Ryback and team him with a faster more articulate character, or Pass the Torch as it were and Team him with Kane for one last run for the big red machine... If Taker were healthier i would say it would be a perfect send off for the both he and Kane, Have them both retire having not lost any of the Titles and really mix up the roster with several tournaments.... well just my thoughts
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    I just realized the OP is probably talking about Dolph Ziggler, Big E Langston, and AJ Lee.

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    Quote Originally Posted by merhardt03 View Post
    Closest Ive ever seen was back in 2001 when Stone Cold was WWF Champ & Triple H was IC Champ & together held WWF Tag Title. The 2 Man Power Trip
    Didn't HBK and Diesel do the same for a period of time? HBK was IC champ, Diesel WWF champ and they were tag champs.

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    I remember when Kurt Angle held all the gold in TNA, though it's not quite the same thing.

    If this happened in WWE, I wouldn't mind seeing The Shield use their dominance and cohesiveness to capture all the gold. Don't care who holds what title, just think it would be cool.

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    the roster is far too huge to do that. not unless the shield grow to about 10


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