View Poll Results: Will WM 29 be exciting if we give it a chance to be?

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  • YES - WM 29 will be exciting.

    20 54.05%
  • NO - WM 29 is not interesting.

    3 8.11%
  • I don't care enough to have an opinion.

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  • Just shut up already and watch it.

    12 32.43%
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    The main thing this years 'Mania has against it is its predictability. Cena should go over Rock, HHH should go over Lesner and Taker should go over Punk. That being said - Will Vince go against the grain and pull a swerve just to teach that darn IWC that we are too "smart" for our own good?

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    Its the only time of year i get to see the only reason i watch wrestling, the undertaker. so yes, for me its exciting to see him steamroll over cm pepsi.
    Wrestling lost the spectacle factor.

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    I am more mixed towards this years Mania. I think the card seems okay but the outcome of the matches seem to predictable. Cena beating the Rock seems very likely. HHH winning is also likely considering he lost the last match and also had his arm broken twice. Taker will defeat Punk and the streak will live on and rightfully deserves too.

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    Of course it'll be exciting, WrestleMania's are the most exciting PPV the WWE puts on. Even though it seems this WrestleMania doesn't have the really great buildup like past WrestleMania's have had I wouldn't expect anything but greatness from WrestleMania.

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    I voted yes. Already I think Punk vs Taker, ADR vs Swagger, and Cena vs Rock will be interesting. Depending on the stipulation HHH vs Lesnar has, and what other matches they throw in there, this WM is shaping up to be good and interesting. I may even end up buying it compared to streaming or downloading. WM has been the one PPV since I started watching in 2002, that I always bought


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