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  • YES - WM 29 will be exciting.

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  • Just shut up already and watch it.

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    Question WM 29 - Deep Thoughts.

    Ever since Rock came back to the WWE I've been complaining a lot about what's been going on and the card for WM 29 this year, and I was doing the same last year. It's no secret that I loathe the Rock and tend to be very biased against anything or any card he is apart of. After he won the WWE Title from CM Punk @ the Royal Rumble this year I was about ready to stop watching all together. Then my boy Robstar said something to me about "hardening up" and not letting it upset me so much.

    Something seemed to click with me after hearing those words and I took the time to actually shut up, (amazing isn't it?), and just watch RAW/Smackdown and look hard @ myself and the way I was reacting to what I was watching these last few weeks. I was surprised to see that I was enjoying the show(s) more if I wasn't criticizing everything that was happening. Truly the entertainment part of WWE was what I made it out to be. The negativity within myself was stopping me from being entertained.

    This was a huge step for me in realizing that I was the problem for not being entertained by pro-wrestling programming, and it's this realization that led me to make this Poll/Thread. With Wrestlemania XXIX just a few short weeks away and the lackluster response it seems to be getting my question is this:

    Can this Wrestlemania be exciting if we give it a chance to be?

    Please choose an answer in the poll above, then post your opinion.

    My answer is YES it can be exciting as long as we want it to be.

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    Recently I've been watching as a WWE fan, rather than an internet critic, and it's a way better way to watch. Sure, there are still things that bother me, but it's just better to brush by them and keep watching.

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    I have and always will be excited for wrestlemania. i was even excited for 27. This wrestlemania can be very good. i watched the latest promo last night for john cena vs the rock and it gave me goosebumbs. its the show of shows and wwe finds ways to come through big, always keeps me coming back for more, i think it can be a very good mania this year but i agree people need to stop trying to scope on the negatives and just appreciate it for the positives. Upper card looks promising with the story telling and the undercard is starting to fruittion and it looks good too, better than last years. Give it a chance.

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    I went for just shut up and watch it. I am never usually excited about WM especially since the MitB was discontinued. But i watch and hope for a stand out moment this year i feel it will Ziggler cashing in the MitB.

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    Fully agree on you with the rock... but I'm looking forward to this year's WM. Punk vs. Taker is going to be awesome

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    I picked the shut up and watch option. I really don't think anybody cares if you're not watching it, so why talk about it if you ain't?

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    I'm just going to watch it and enjoy it for what it is...Entertainment. Taker storyline got more interesting with the loss of Paul Bearer, I want to see the Shield, although they might lose this time. I could give 2 shits about Rock n Cena, and I'm kinda intrigued with the ADR/Swagger match...I think these guys will tear it up in the ring. HHH v Brock will be good. All in all it should be a good show.


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