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Thread: Ryback vs Henry

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    Well if they're just going to relegate Henry and Ryback to having one match on a weekly show and not expand it into a full feud, then they are being very shortsighted indeed. Unless they change it up, this has been a waste of time.

    And yes, I feel they are just throwing the Shield into any old thing already. Not a good sign.

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    Short Feud then New tag team champions?

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    Maybe Ryback VS Mark henry will happen on next Monday's Raw..The match was first set for WM but after Ryback failed to pick up Henry for shellshock after 20 thousand attempts backstage, they decided to take that match off the mania card. that is just what I think haha

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    the feud will run through mania thats why. henry will try and cost ryback the us title


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