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Thread: Ryback vs Henry

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    Ryback vs Henry

    Ryback vs Henry is scheduled for Smackdown and alot of guys think we're gonna get a swerve and the match won't happen..... But getting to the point.... Whether they face on Smackdown or Wrestlemania I truly don't think that Ryback can shellshock Mark Henry....... Thoughts?

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    I know he shellshocked tensai,but Henry is just a step too far.

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    I really of enjoyed Henry since his monster heel turn WHC hall of pain days. I think Ryback vs Henry will happen at WM and unfortunately for me personally, Henry will job and put Ryback what I'm predicting.

    If Ryback shell shocks Henry it will look as bad as when Batista bombed Umaga during WM.

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    Hmm. Bare with me...

    Ryback CAN give Mark Henry the Shellshock. But, Ryback CANNOT stack Mark Henry. So, when he usually does his finisher he throws the person up over his head from a standing position (the stack). I really, really doubt he can do it to Henry. He struggled mightily to do it to Tensai, and Sweet T is 360 lbs, Henry is 412 lbs. That's a 50 lb difference, and Henry is probably tougher to pick up proportionately as well.

    He will have to get him onto his shoulders a different way. My guess, Henry will be on the 1st or 2nd turnbuckle, and Ryback will get him up onto his shoulders from there. Kinda like when Cena picked up Show and Edge at the same time.

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    I highly doubt that Ryback can shellshock Henry as well i shall wait to be proven wrong but i do have my doubts.

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    This is supposed to happen on SmackDown, if they plan on it happening at Mania, why do it now later this week.

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    In a couple years time Ryback will have to resort to a second finisher for larger opponents because lets face it the older these powerhouses get not too mention the wear and tear on their bodies will take a toll on him, we've seen this happen with these talents many times before.

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    It will be good for Ryback...if he can shell shock Henry..nothing like that.....

    But my beef is, how a character like Ryback accepted his defeat against Shield??? He should at least challenge one of the members into a one-one match...

    I wnat to see Reigns Vs Ryback one-one...

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    Anyone read the spoilers???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robstar View Post
    Anyone read the spoilers???
    Yeah, I can't honestly tell where in the hell they're going with the Ryback, Henry, and Shield clusterfuck.

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