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    I'm enjoying the storyline and I enjoyed Raw last night too!

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    I agree the world title fued is so boring.please have ziggler cash in at mania on del rio after he beats swagger.then fire swagger coz he got arrested and did thoses drugs and coz he is so boring

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    I love the swagger gimmick and I love seb colter even more. this match will be great, the only problem is, the road to wrestelmania is very long and you need to build up a feud. the swagger gimmick problem is: WWE wants to be edgy but also PG, i love that they are bringing some political attidude in, but I think they don't want to push it to the next level or else they can come over to much as racist. If they take a shot in the dark and just pull the racist card and say some really nasty stuff this feud can be the greatest of the card.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AWrestlingGod View Post
    Yea now everyone is calling Daniel Bryan and CM Punk overrated.
    CM Punk...I think is very overrated.

    Daniel Bryan showed me just how awesome he is as he pretty much took Ziggler to school last night.

    JACK SWAGGER & ZEB ARE GREAT! You will see Jack Swagger being the top heel in the company this year.

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    New news!

    Vince McMahon has been a fan of the Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter storyline but word at Raw last night was that there's a lot of concern about the angle and its future. The program was originally designed to be a long-term feud to help get Del Rio as a babyface but those plans may be changing. There's a feeling that the angle is not getting over on WWE TV but Zeb and Swagger are getting heat at live events.

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    Swagger has absolutely no charisma and is just plain boring

    Del Rio is better, not much better but he is. Possibly the worst world title match ever at Wrestlemania.

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    Just my opinion, but if we the people are bored...I guess I'm not people. I think Jack's new gimmick is great and Zeb is one of the best things going today in the WWE. I'm not bored with them at all.

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    I love the new Jack Swagger angle and its great to see Dutch as well!

    We(ed) The People Beotch!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iron Ape View Post
    I thought the crowd's reaction said more about the audience than it did the content of what was a fairly strong promo.

    *shrugs shoulders*
    This. Was very face heavy audience last night.

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