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Thread: Muta vs Mutoh

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    Muta vs Mutoh

    Just wondering who people enjoy more...

    The Great Muta or Keiji Mutoh

    Yes, I realize they are the same person, but which persona?

    And, now that I think of it...

    Muta with face paint or skull cap? Hmmmm...

    For me, I prefer The Great Muta with the classic face paint. He looks wicked evil and cool with the skull cap, but come on now... classic Muta face paint!

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    Muta, face paint, green mist

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    Absolutely Muta. It makes no difference to me whether he has the paint or the mask. Although my favorite matches of him are when he was younger and had the face paint. Muta vs Liger in October 1996 is still one of my all time favorite matches
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