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    Quote Originally Posted by thedag View Post
    there dress like bikers. has nothing to do with a band.
    Ugh. You evidently didnt read my post or misintetpreted it. Bully is the prez of a&8s. His fave band is bls. He dressed his brotherhood similar to tblo. Honestly looking at a&8, now i wouldnt be surprised if bully wasnt tnas pick for prez all along with him giving creative input to how they dress and socialize with one another. There are too many similarities for this to just be coincidence to me.

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    I guess I gotta check this match out. Good for Bully Ray!

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    Love this.

    Eagerly looking forward to Ray's first promo to see how he connects the dots and explains the holes in the story. He's got a lot of work to do, but Ray's one hell of a talker so if can makes this work it's him.
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    It probably wasn't as effective on me because I read the results and not watched it, but it sounded pretty meh. As people said, Bully wasn't a good face and this was the most logical outcome. What would have made it a little more interesting though would be if Brooke was also in on it. The next McMahon/Helmsly couple. The power to control TNA and World Champion. Could really give A&8 a real legit threat.

    But as is not really. Heck, the Lethal Lockdown pretty much shows numbers are all they really have. Make the sides even and you just got a bunch of guys.

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    My hope is that PRESIDENT does not necessarily equal THE GREATER POWER they have been speaking about. However, I do realize that will still only leave us with a Double J or Eric Bischoff reveal unless something miraculous happens.

    If I could be serious for a moment...

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    Quote Originally Posted by andy mc View Post
    Just don't no where else aces & 8's can go from here now ? Only thing that kept me invested in it was the un masking of the members.
    Partially agree with this.

    Now that everyone has been revealed i am highly interested to see were this is going but i have my doubts that it will be good.

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    They telegraphed the hell out of it, but it was an alright turn, didn't pack that much of a punch to me because you could see it a mile off. It would have been more effective during his wedding, instead of Taz. And now, the highest highest ranking TNA guy is a backstage producer/agent, whatever D'Lo is, unless they are going to keep adding people into it. Taz should be taken out, D'Lo should be in his spot, Ray should be VP and someone high in TNA management should be President.

    Otherwise, the ending accomplished two things I wanted:

    Heel Bully Ray
    Bully Ray as champion
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    Bully was great as face. He was way over with the crowd and he is always gold on the mic. Pretty good job with TNA turning Bully heel and making him the leader. And lets face the truth he was the best heel in TNA. The leader of a heel stable should be a great talker so that was the right move to do

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    Great heel turn. Great PPV overall. It would've been better if Aces & Eights won the Lethal Lockdown. They would have been more of a threat that way.

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    However predictable the heel turn was, it was still fucking brilliant!! MARK OUT MOMENT! Thank god we've got Bubba Ray back!


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