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    New member of Aces & 8's ?

    I think tonight at Lockdown a member of team TNA will join Aces & 8's .. None other than Eric Young along with ODB, these 2 are overdue for a change and after Sting snubbed Eric Young out of the match with Anderson on Impact it seemed to me EY wasn't happy with that decision. This leads me to believe EY and ODB will jump on the Aces & 8's wagon ..

    Thoughts ?

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    i just hope it's someone shocking. everyone beside taz we knew were in the group for months.

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    Theres two things that can come from young being snubbed of that match....heel turn....or Going crazy at lockdown and becoming a lot more serious ....I hope if he gets serious or goes heel he keeps the beard...only thing that bothered my about his world elite heel run was he didn't look like a heel
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    Quote Originally Posted by thedag View Post
    i just hope it's someone shocking. everyone beside taz we knew were in the group for months.
    Taz is completely useless in Aces & 8s. TNA just did that angle with Taz joining the stable because they wanted to have an announcer like Michael Cole when he was heel and trashed every face. But it's useless and boring, he brings nothing to the Aces & 8s thing.

    D'Lo was a shocker (or was supposed to be). He is better for the stable than Taz.

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    There's already, what, 47 of them--or so it seems--most of whom get no promo time and thus aren't over. Unless TNA can do some sort of blockbuster signing, which, had they been able to do, should have been the person revealed on Thurs (and I mean someone like Goldberg or Batista), they should just go with what they've already got. Better yet, have the faces cream them and finish the endless angle.

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    Problem is, they were all suppose to be kinda shocking except for Briscoe and that hair of his giving it away, but people decide to read who they are online, then complain that it wasn't shocking, or that it was obvious.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thedag View Post
    i just hope it's someone shocking. everyone beside taz we knew were in the group for months.

    To be fair to them, that is only because of people reading spoilers, if sites like this didn't exist, then all of the Aces + eights would have been a shock, and how can you say you knew about Devon?

    OT: They would benifit from a knockout member, maybe that one that lost the GutCheck, I can't remember how to spell her name so I'm not going to completely embarrass myself, she was awesome.

    I can also see Morgan turning to Aces and Eights and they'll help him get the world title.

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    Either Angle, Sting, Storm, Bully Ray, or sad as it is to say....TNA pulled out all the big surprizes in its earlier years and you probably won't find another big name that would fit good into the Prez part. But my best gues is one of these 5 guys will be next and most likely last

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    Cant see it being angle or sting, wouldn't make any sense. Bully Ray maybe but i feel that would be predictable. Im thinking probably Jarrett of Bischoff
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    That's Awesome...I think you just stomped the nuts of the entire IWC with this comment. A thing of beauty.

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    I also hope that Ivelisse Velez joins them she is to good to be turned away for a 6ft knockout who can't wrestle.


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