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    As long as Cena is leading merch sales, it will never happen.

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    Same thread, different week.

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    I know the wrestling comunity tends to worship anything of the attitude era. But I'm actually happy is gone.
    PG force WWE to make different storylines than the ussual (sex, extreme violence, cheating) and although WWE is not stepping his game in the storyines I'm happy with the new direction. I know we were used to see blood and weapons, shots to the head and all that, and don't get me wrong, that was cool.
    But this mens permorm 300+ days a year, travel all over the world, get injured, and you people want to see them taking crazy bumps that put in jeopardy their lifes?
    This is not the roman empire whith gladiators, this are performers!!!

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    wwe wont change the whole coumpany 4 1 person or would they for the rock

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    I would agree that PG isn't going anywhere. Vinnie Mac just let the Rock be him. How would his promo be if it was kept cleaned. We wouldnt be as entertained that much. What the Rock did wasn't the start of another new attitude era, it was him cutting the most epic promo that we have seen in a long time. But who's to say that just maybe we might have more creative ways that the superstars cut promo's now. PG will always be the rating for WWE unless TNA becomes competition to WWE which no offense to the TNA marks in the EWN, TNA will never be competition to WWE.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bodom View Post
    Why is it that everytime somebody says "ass" on Raw, people think it means PG is going away?
    Because the network beeps it out. They did a great job last night by the way. Only one beep at the beginning.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pittbull View Post
    Here in the UK we always get a disclaimer pop up at the start of Raw or Smackdown, saying this program might not be suitable for children... if it's a PG obviously it is so don't know why it's there to be honest!
    Parental Guidance. "This may not be suitable for children" indicates the necessity for an adult to be there to supervise them. Now if it said "This show is NOT suitable for children" then that would have stepped up a rating to a 12 in the UK.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Brown One View Post
    The thing with blood, and chairshots to the head is that they aren't safe. Wrestlers can pass out from bleeding, and chairshots can cause concussions, so I'm actually glad they were banned. Its been proven too, in TNA, when Anderson was busted wide open by Hardy, and the incident with Rob Terry.
    I realise it's physiologically possible, but I don't think I've ever seen this happen before, even in deathmatch wrestling. Any specific examples?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PrimusSucks View Post
    We don't get that in the US, or I don't see it.
    That's because we in the US are all used to it by now because we've seen it all. When Raw starts in the states we see "Well we've promised you a great main event and you might not like the guy in the big orange shirt or the Mexican dude but its better for your kids to watch than looking out your front window to see a crack deal going on right in front of your house, that is if you were able to see all the way to the curb with your daughters boyfriends call swaying back an forward in your driveway. So sit the fuck down, shut the fuck up, and enjoy". God Bless America!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jhorton1215 View Post
    It was after 11:00 PM so they could have just been a bit more lenient.
    Exactly, both USA and WWE let Rock flow so yes, it was on the overrun in which I would think, most kiddies would be in bed after 11pm on a Monday night.

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