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    Quote Originally Posted by akbar View Post
    That's a question to ask the fans who abandoned WWE, I'm a fan for life so I'll watch regardless but that doesn't mean I can't critic or observe the current product in a reasonable way, even though in this thread I went into a rant which I explained why I did that earlier

    Ask the 3-4 million former fans why they don't watch it, even though like you said Jericho/Punk feud was done well and AE like.
    That's not what I'm asking. This feud was pulled off under PG guidelines and regulations yet it was still great. It didn't need any AE-esque plot devices thrown in at all and it's obvious the only reason that stuff like this isn't being put on TV, on a regular basis, is because of a bad creative team. The PG rating has nothing to do with it.

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