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    Creative controll contracts killed WCW.

    I dont know how bookers can get blamed when it was certain talent that had the right to refuse doing certain things.

    Their were wrestlers who were over with the crowd that should have got a push earlier Chris Jericho, Scott Steiner and Booker T for example.

    These wrestlers could have been put into the main event by 1999. But I have read things like Goldberg refused to work with Jericho.

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    I'd say its more like WCW killed WCW - they shouldn't have even given "creative control" to anyone that they pay. If I'm paying you - you need to do what we tell you is pretty much they way most employers do business.

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    Yes it was a bad decision in the first place to promise guys anything like that to get them to sign on. Vince has always been big on maintaining creative control and look where that got him. On top.

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    Yep, too many big egos with creative control over their own characters. That can never amount to anything good.

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    Along with people like Nash and Hogan being made head bookers, who just booked themselves and their has been friends in the main event over and over again. Burying young talent on the way
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    That's Awesome...I think you just stomped the nuts of the entire IWC with this comment. A thing of beauty.


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