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    Game Over (Triple H Diss) by TKO

    It's me again. You might remember me from the songs "We See You (John Cena Diss)" & "Just Bring What (The Rock Diss)." It was suggested that I throw a few jabs at The Game. The first time I posted the Cena song, man, people sh*t all over me. I gained a little respect (maybe) after a few posts and felt comfortable posting the Rock one. This was more well received on the site.

    Please understand. I in no way expect to gain "fame" off of someones name. I grew up a hip hop fan (it's pretty lame now) and a wrestling fan. There is a huge wrestling fan base and maybe some people will listen, like, and listen to my other material. Win win. Hopefully, you will enjoy this song and get a kick out of it. I do not hate any of these guys. I simply took some notes and whipped up a little piece of entertainment that some may agree with. Hope you provide feedback and share.

    Game Over (Triple H Diss)
    We See You (John Cena Diss)
    Just Bring What (The Rock Diss)


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