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    Vince Russo positives in WCW

    I've read about all the negative things Vince Russo is blamed for in WCW, but are their some positive things that came out of his time with the company?

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    Innovative concepts... Interesting storyline ideas. Me and Derpside were talking about him last week. We came to the conclusion that yes he had some ideas that were way out there, but he always kept new ideas coming. The problem was when given to much freedom he couldn't stick with anything. He had too many ideas and couldn't wait to move onto his next one.

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    I give Russo credit for always coming up with different ideas but a lot of his ideas in WCW anyways were just too crazy. I blame that on WCW for giving him all that control and not having it be fileted through someone else.

    Russo in WWE was where he had some of his best work, but I imagine he had to go through Vince. From what I hear he was behind the Austin/McMahon feud, D-X, Taker/Kane feud, and many of the other great stuff from the Attitude Era. Another positive for Russo was that he was one of the big reasons for Jericho to sign with the WWE in the late 90's. Jericho stated himself that he wanted to go to the WWE because of Russo.


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