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    But this is WWE- they have to control and own everything and everything has to be their idea. CM Punk was lucky though- he toiled away in OVW, then ECW(WE) with Heymen being there for him along the way. I'd think if it were not for him- Punk would have another name now. But I agree with you- with some of the people coming in they actually have a starting point with them, some kind of background

    Bryan Danielson couldn't be just Bryan Danielson

    Claudio couldn't just be Claudio

    Chris Hero couldn't just be Chris Hero

    Joe Henning........

    The Rotundo brothers......

    Britina Knight.......


    The kist goes on and on
    To be fair, it's entirely possible that Generico was in fact given an opportunity to debut as his character and he rejected on the basis of not wanting the ownership of the name and persona to fall in WWE's hands. I'm not sure what that character is worth at this point, but I suppose if it doesn't work out with him and WWE, he would have an established name and persona to fall back on instead of having nothing once his no-compete would be done.

    It's weird because as of right now he's going by his real name. WWE can't take ownership of that. They can take ownership of that in combination with a specific look and persona and establish that as an intellectual property but they can't stop him from using his real name if he were to go back to the indies... and that defeats the entire point of them not going with the El Generico character(again, unless he refused).

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