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    Pro in Question...

    I have a quick question. With Vickie Guerrero as a PRO on NXT with 1 match under her hefty belt, wouldn't that entitle Kevin Federline to be an NXT Pro aswell? Hmm...

    Obviously just a joke. But I don't honestly see how Vickie Guerrero should be a pro on NXT. I mean who has she elevated while being a manager? No one really.

    I mean they fired Eric Escobar after he was paired with her. He was starting to get over with the crowd too after talking down to Vickie G and then he's "Future Endeavored."

    And now she's been paired up with Dolpg Ziggler and that doesn't seem to be helping him much. Well if helping him look like the biggest tool in WWE history is the plan, then it's working like a charm.

    Anyone can bring up EDGE, but really she didn't do much for him either. He's always been a good heel and they worked out fine together but still EDGE just looked like a whiny prick always running to GM Vickie Guerrero for title match after title match and then at one point, even if it were just storyline Undertaker was stripped of the championship because EDGE couldn't win the title from him. Not saying EDGE isn't a good wrestler, not at all saying that. EDGE is acctually one of my favorite wrestlers. Face or HEEL he gets the job done.

    Just questioning the idea that Vickie Guerrero does anything for the business.
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