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    Quote Originally Posted by HCollins-TNA1 View Post
    Yeah..... figure you kinda mocking me, thats alright....
    Dragon ball z...
    i like TNA...

    To hell with insincerity. Fuck you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by B-MCINTYRE View Post
    Dragon ball z...
    i like TNA...
    Never really got into Dragon ball Z...
    We all judge others even if it isn't our place to judge, but supposedly at the end we are all judged by one!!!
    Wrestling, women and money who could ask for more???

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    Quote Originally Posted by HCollins-TNA1 View Post
    This is what Dixie is saying, don't know how true it is or the exact number guess we'll see????
    Which means it has to clear like 10K. Don't see it happening, honestly, but we'll see.

    If it does, good for TNA
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