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    Quote Originally Posted by AWrestlingGod View Post
    I hope not, if Del Rio wins then cash in, I mean Swagger deserves at a least a month world title reign. If I was Ziggler I cash in at Extreme Rules, I mean it seems so perfect, since every match is hardcore.
    Gotta respectfully disagree here. I don't see how Swagger deserves that title over a handful of guys. I'm sure you're a big fan, and I apologize if I come off like a dick here... but he's been back for like 5 or 6 weeks now. Before that, he was gone for 5 months. Before that, he was floating aimlessly with a tired gimmick and losing for 5 months. It was just right place right time. They needed a villain to go against Del Rio, and Swagger was ripe for a return. A guy like Ziggler (or Daniel Bryan, Cody Rhodes, Miz, or even Sandow) has been busting his ass on WWE TV consistently for the past year (and longer).

    Swagger also doesn't deserve it for the whole DUI incident. I mean, its the biggest push of his life and hes willing to risk it for some weed? Half the locker room was probably offended by his lack of judgement. I guess I'm biased because I'm a huge Ziggler fan, but the guys been selling his ass off for YEARS, he deserves a title reign and I hope it happens at Mania.

    Oh, and lastly... the only reason Swagger seems to be "doing well since his return" is Zeb Culter. He hasn't changed his moveset or improved his mic skills. He literally just stands there and says 3 words, regardless of any logical context. It's laughable. "Hey Jack how was your weekend?" Jack: "WEEE... THE PEOPLE!!!".

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    Personally i would like to see the showstopper vs. the show stealer soon

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    He could, I'm just wondering if he has a truck big enough to do such a thing!

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    Probably wont happen but I would like to see ziggler work out a deal where he can cash in for the wwe title, and right after cena wins have dolph come down to cash in, win the title and have wrestlemania end with dolph standing over rock and cena as champ. It would be memorable like wrestlemania xx

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    Ultimately, the best would be three WHC title changes in one night. It would be historic. Swagger beats Del Rio, Ziggler cashes in and takes the belt, Jericho beats Ziggler for the WHC later that night. Perfect.

    Unfortunately, with Rock vs Cena, Ziggler really isn't going to steal anything. If anything happens with Ziggler that's actually good, it'll be early in the card so not to overshadow Rock vs Cena. If he's not fighting Jericho, he'll probably be back in some meaningless gimmick match.

    I'm not a fan of Ziggler so that would be just fine for me.

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    If Dolph doesn't eventually win a title and get something of a run, the big questions become: Why did they have him win the MIB briefcase to begin with, and what exactly was the point of him holding onto it for so long? Swagger/Del Rio may be one of those things primarily set up to give ADR something to do at WM and refresh Swagger's character, versus the start of a long feud. In that case, Dolph cashing in after an ADR win has a linear storyline to it.

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    I personally think Ziggler will win the title the night after WM on Raw,
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    How about this. Next week on Raw when Jericho comes back, Ziggler confronts him and tells him to stop coming back and to go away.Ziggler challenges Jericho to a match at Mania which they make official. However next week on Smackdown we get Swagger teaming with Rhodes and Sandow vs Del Rio,Kofi & Truth in the main event. Swagger pins Del Rio dirty and then attacks him after giving him a powerbomb through the announce table.Swagger and Coulter leave as Ziggler comes out and cashes in and wins on Del Rio. This brings us to a Fatal 4-Way at Mania Ziggler (c) vs Jericho vs Del Rio vs Swagger. There could kind of be 2 fueds rolled into one then. Reasons for this are that the card is very stacked so I see there being more than one multi man match this year and its got to be at least 10 matches unless we get some injuries soon. Also I find the Del Rio vs Swagger fued horribly boring. They are not very big draws in my eyes. Also Swagger kind of messed things up with doing drugs and getting arrested so dont think he deserves the spotlight.

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    Would be smart for Ziggler to cash in when Swagger or Rio win.

    I get that Big E Langston dropped the NXT CHAMPIONSHIP Bo Dallas out of all people? WTF!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jelle1809 View Post
    Well, this would be a great idea. Unfortunately, WWE would never do something as great as this.

    Poor shame they don't take creative ideas from fans... because I see much more great ideas and angles than we get to see on t.v.
    they did a similar thing with Orton, Triple H and Umaga, remember

    we can only hope they see this though


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