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    Could Dolph Ziggler steal Wrestlemania?

    As we all know, Ziggler is in the biggest rut of his career (if you don't count introducing yourself and wear green track suits as ruts). Even though he is Mr. Money in the Bank, I title I think has gotten a bad reputation and has become old, he constantly loses not only to upper class talent, but also to some that are between the midcard and main event status. Back in 2012, Ziggler found a rise to the top through his money in the bank win. After that, he lost a bit, but also became a sole survivor and Beat JOHN CENA!!!.......with AJ's help. Anywho, Ziggler is one of the best in the business at making others looking better, somehow leading to him losing....alot. With all of the times ziggler has spent getting others over, creative have forgotten that Ziggler needs to get over...and he can do it at the biggest show of them all.

    With Ziggler holding the briefcase and Alberto and Swagger having a feud (which I think isn't that great, sue me), Ziggler's chance to strike at Wrestlemania is hot. What better place then the shows of all shows? However, what happens with Ziggler's own match at Wrestlemania. I suggest Ziggler cashes in earlier in the show after a long, good match from Alberto and Swagger. My choice should be to have Swagger win then have him lose it (showing that he came so close to another reign but his mistakes of his personal life can show that they can drop him just as fast). With Ziggler holding the title at the beginning of Wrestlemania, it is hot in the crowd. However, Ziggler forgot his other match in which he now has to defend his world title against the man who beat him at Summerslam, Chris Jericho.

    Really, I think this is a smart way to go. With people sad that Jericho and Ziggler wasn't the title feud (me being one of those people, I lost points for it in predictions), this gives people the best of two worlds. It also can add prestige and help Ziggler regain his spot on top.

    What do you think? Should Ziggler cash in at wrestlemania? Should he defend it then as well against Jericho? Should this be a blog? Am I ever going to change this signature? Who really knows!

    Anyways, peace and now it is time to see if I can do my essays


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