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    Exclamation Lockdown Results (including match Results Spoiler fella!!!!)

    Congratulations to Kersh who picks up a close victory.

    For a total score of 200 points:
    X Division Championship 3-Way Winner: Kenny King© Finish: Pin Interference: No
    Sleaze vs. Legalize Winner: Joseph Parks Finish: Pin Interference: No
    Knockout Championship Winner: Velvet Sky© Finish: Pin Interference: No *Referee is technically part of the match.
    The Brodown Winner: Robbie T Finish: Pin Interference: No
    Tag Team Championship 3-Way Winners: AARR© Finish: Pin Interference: No
    Steel Cage Winner: Wes Brisco Finish: Cage Escape Interference: Yes
    Lethal Lockdown Winner: TNA Finish: Pin Interference: No
    World Heavyweight Championship Steel Cage Winner: Bully Ray Finish: Pin Interference: Yes
    Lethal Lockdown Who will score the Pin or Submission: Eric Young
    Tag team Championship: Who will score the winning pinfall or submission: Bobby Roode
    Tag team Championship: Who will be pinned or made submit: Christopher Daniels
    How many title changes will happen at Lockdown: Only 1

    (001) kersh: 166 points
    (002) Xtreme_Virus: 163 points
    (003) Y2Jandy: 161 points
    (004) Rick Taylor: 158 points
    (005) Shaz11: 157 points
    (===) magglis: 157 points
    (007) Cabers: 156 points
    (008) TheGreatOne: 137 points
    (009) TheJosephBanks: 136 points
    (010) shortncurly: 135 points
    (011) CM Rock-Austin: 134 points
    (012) Peter Kaymakcian: 132 points
    (013) body slam: 130 points
    (014) Darkside Ron Garvin: 129 points
    (===) Rockstar83: 129 points
    (===) Mr. Ziggles: 129 points
    (017) steveorton: 124 points
    (018) monctonvike: 121 points
    (019) TeamHellYes: 116 points
    (020) HellDemon102094: 112 points
    (===) butch magnus: 112 points
    (===) ScottyTruelove: 112 points
    (023) B-McIntyre: 109 points
    (024) trips: 105 points
    (025) Jaydash: 103 points
    (026) Ares91: 95 points
    (027) GreatMuta4life: 71 points

    Thanks for playing we will be back with Round 3: Slammiversary June 9th cya then!

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    HOLY SHIT!!!!
    1st victory!!!!!!!!!!!
    only took 2 years!

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    Whoa, Second place in my first prediction contest? Nice!

    The Best in the world... Is back.

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    12th? Not bad, not bad at all
    Brad Maddox is the new face of the WWE!


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