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    I wish I could hear Howard finkle say fandango lol

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    Thanks for all the replies. I was not trying to say Johny Curtis is a complete dud, or that I think he is finished in wwe before he gets started. My main point was that in the promos they used echo at the end when he says his name. I think they should do that live, for added effect. Because that is the part of his promos that is most funny to me.

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    I already don't even care if he ever debuts. They lost me with this stupidity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lowki View Post
    You do know the promos have just been his theme song, the words "fandango" and him saying his name once yeah?

    He's actually quite entertained me slightly so far; it's just johnny curtis, but i'm interested to see what his debut will be like. So you are saying he's boring without an echo? Oo You do realize his debut is being held back to pretty much make people look like idiots? Having Striker and Roberts constantly repeat his name is the whole idea behind his promo. Give it a few weeks when he starts doing it to other superstars and it's stupid enough to get over.
    This post I agree with 100%. Good job dude.

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    Whattya know, another SmackDown with a failed Fandango debut. 0 for 3. Super lame!


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