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    Quote Originally Posted by Tommy Thunder View Post
    I voted 'No'.

    I can see Punk slipping something in as a way of getting a cheap shot in for some cheap heat, but I don't see them making it a bigger part of the feud than that.
    I expect WWE to do some sort of short tribute video or something during Raw though.
    I agree, I voted no as well, I don't think the Undertaker would allow anymore than that.

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    I am hoping they don't but who knows.

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    7 many have pointed out it can be done very well without crudness lest we not forget Paul was the storyline Father to the Brother's of Destruction...maybe Kane can be the one to come out and be the one to say a few words either directly or indirectly and use it as a way to shake up where his character is right now...not saying it is horrible with Daniel Bryan and the Tag Titles but I miss the big red machine, the monster and he can use the pain to "rediscover" himself and can even carry around a new urn that is implied might be the ashes of his fallen mentor...

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    I really hope they do mention Bearer on RAW in a CM Punk promo.
    Anyone who knew William Moody would have known how much he adored the business.

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    Hey WWE won "Most Disgusting Promotional Tactic" from Wrestling Observer Newsletter last year for CM Punk mocking Jerry Lawler's heart attack...why not go for two in a row! However, this is completely different. The heart attack Lawler suffered happened during a live show and was a huge news story. Then they turn it into kayfabe by having Punk mock it. Terrible. Bill Moody died yes but it's not like he died on a WWE show or due to anything they did. I feel as long as the family is okay with it then they can turn it into storyline since Paul Bearer is a character.

    It's like if they made a storyline about someone tampering with the cables that lowered Owen Hart. Disgusting. However, if someone played the Blue Blazer and had something to do with that in their gimmick taking over from Owen that would have been okay because it was only about a character.

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    Quote Originally Posted by URATOOL View Post
    I really hope they do use his death as part of an angle, but it needs to be done right. I'd have Taker giving a mini eulogy next week on Raw and then have Punk try and interrupt from the ramp. Only for a bolt of lightening to hit the ramp and Taker to just put his fingers to his lips. Then tell him he is going to dedicate his match to Paul. Alternatively substitute Kane walking out and the flames erupting around Punk, instead of the lightening, to silence him and then Taker dedicating the match to Paul.

    Paul Bearer would have loved one last storyline. Lets face it, he would of. He was a huge fan of the industry and classic, memorable moments are a big part of that.

    Unfortunately I see Smackdown featuring a standard video eulogy.
    Wasn't far off.


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