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    Daniel Bryan or CM Punk

    These two started in ROH, and are now two top stars in the WWE, though CM Punk has been more successful, Daniel Bryan has also had his share of success being a former World Heavyweight Champion, United States, and the current Tag Team Champion. These two have a huge following, because of there in-ring ability and the fact they've wrestled all over the world even before they got to WWE. So this thread is simple, who do you like and think is better between the two. Whose in-ring work do you like better, and who do you prefer to see.

    For me I've always enjoyed Daniel Bryan more than CM Punk, I've always felt Daniel Bryan in-ring style is better than CM Punk. Daniel Bryan to me is a much better technician, and is to me the best submission wrestler in the WWE. Though Punk is considerably better with his mic-work, Bryan has also shown to have good mic skills, and the ability to get the crowd on his side, and the ability to get a simple chant over is amazing to me. They're both great, but I've always enjoyed Bryan more than Punk

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    CM Punk has Better mic skills, daniel bryans mic skills aren't that bad, but compare to punk? I mean c'mon... And on ring skills, They are both great, but Punk has one of my fav... I would say Punk is the better man.

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    Tough call. Some of the best matches ive seen was punk vs bryan over the wwe title. I think bryan has a better range with character though. He can be humble, nerdy, goofy, sadistic and over as a face or heel. While punk has no problem getting over he always just seems to be the same kind of guy to me. His mic work is incredible and hes delivered some of the best promos ever. Its a tie!

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    No disrespect to any of you or cm punk andDaniel Bryan, but I seriously feel that they are a little overrated just because of who they are and their past, because I've seen their matches in ROH and sometimes I feel that their opponents were the better wrestler like Samoa joe, but not trying to take anything away from either one of these two because they are both good but cm punk is better only because of the way he can carry on a fued and keep you interested.

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    CM Punk

    They're both overrated, but Daniel Bryan's character and mic-work has gotten to the point that he's just flat-out annoying and embarrasing to watch.

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    Of those 2 completely overrated average wrestlers i chose Bryan, cause i hate CM Pepsis guts.
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    Daniel Bryan is entertaining as hell, no pun intended, but just doesn't have the "it" factor to be in WWE Superstardom like CM Punk has. Mostly the mic skills is what does it for me. Gotta go with CM Punk.

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    I have signed in after a long time just to vote for Daniel Bryan..I think he is a Star maker..Who ever works with him becomes relevant again...Look at Kane he became very boring before joining Daniel Bryan, He gave Cm punk his best feud last year, he was the reason that Aj became very famous and even became a GM of Raw..I mean look at where she is now, That noodle haired wannabe guy has made AJ disappeared like him LOL

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    I voted DB, only because his character has evolved the most and is "fresher" than Punks character at the moment. When it comes to in-ring abilities it's basically a toss-up - I think both guys put on stellar matches most of the time.

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    CM Punk for two simple words PEPSI and PLUNGE!!


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