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    so whats up with them shelly didnt sign with wwe and is doing indy shows and sabin is recovering are they gonna have a big ass comeback ! i hope so
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    That would be greta..MCMG vs Bad Influence will be a great feud...

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    With that whole lawsuit, guys like Shelley and The Amazing Red, couldn't sign with WWE. WWE has shown interest in both, but who knows what will happen. As for Sabin, I'm a huge fan, but he is becoming TNA's version of Rey Mysterio. He will stick around, only because he's banging Velvet Sky (who happens to be back).

    However, I just don't see a MCMG reunion happening anytime soon. If Sabin heals up in time, maybe he comes back with Aces & Eights. He'd be a bigger name than anyone else currently involved.

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    I am sure they will reunite at some stage i don't think it will be in TNA necessarily.

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    if they reunite it will Prob. be in Japan which i would like to see them fued with Daveyboy Smith jr and Lance Archer

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    If anything he will either be back in TNA by this summer or either in Ring of Honor..... But I'm thinking TNA is more likely and a Motor City Machine Guns reunion....
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    MCMG... One of the two tag teams I actually enjoyed watching. The other one being Beer Money.
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